John Edwards and Rielle Hunter’s News: Where is Rielle Hunter Today?

John Edwards And Rielle Hunter

The infamous affair between former Presidential candidate John Edwards and Rielle Hunter has once again surfaced, with journalist Jake Tapper exploring the scandal in his upcoming episode of United States of Scandal. Over 15 years since the affair shook the nation, Tapper sits down with Hunter to delve into the events that unraveled Edwards’ political legacy.

John Edwards And Rielle Hunter
John Edwards And Rielle Hunter

John Edwards and Rielle Hunter News

The affair’s roots trace back to an unexpected encounter in a New York City bar in 2006. Hunter, an unknown actress and movie producer at the time, found herself in the same establishment as the then-married Edwards, who was preparing for his 2008 presidential campaign.

Hunter describes the chance meeting as a “fluke,” recounting how Edwards almost jumped into her arms after spotting her.

What started as a seemingly innocent encounter took a turn when Hunter offered to “help” Edwards, leading to an invitation to his hotel room. The details of their interaction, as revealed in the interview with Jake Tapper, shed light on the complexities of their relationship. Despite initial claims by Hunter that the vibe wasn’t initially sexual, Tapper questions the nature of their connection.

Where is Rielle Hunter Today?

Years after the scandal, Rielle Hunter is still entangled with John Edwards, as revealed in an interview with ABC News. Hunter, now 52, expressed her enduring love for Edwards, stating, “I view him as family. I absolutely love him. We’re very, very good friends. And great co-parents”2. The focus of their shared goals revolves around their daughter, Quinn, who is now 8 years old.

Despite the tumultuous history, Hunter commends Edwards for his attention to their daughter, Quinn. In the interview, she shares, “Oh God, he loves her so much it’s cute. I think he has a real soft spot for her”. Quinn herself attests to her father being “great,” emphasizing the frequency of their interactions.

Hunter reflects on the past few years, describing them as filled with joy. As a devoted mom, she emphasizes that her choices are centered around being a mother first and ensuring her decisions positively impact Quinn. Their shared love for horseback riding has become a bonding activity, with Quinn recently qualifying for a pony riding competition.

Hunter has found solace in a life away from the public eye. The scrutiny and criticism she endured have led her to embrace the role of an author, collaborating with her daughter on a children’s book titled “Howie Do It: Finding Happiness Right Now”.

Despite potential concerns about reliving the past through the book’s release, Hunter emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for one’s mistakes and moving forward.

Where Does Rielle Hunter Live Now?

In Rielle Hunter’s memoir, “What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me,” the intricacies of their tumultuous relationship are laid bare. The memoir, published in 2012, provides insights into the scandal, the birth of their daughter Frances Quinn, and the subsequent fallout.

The memoir sheds light on Hunter’s perspective during the affair, detailing her encounters with John Edwards and the emotional complexities that unfolded. The public denial of paternity, tabloid rumors, and Elizabeth Edwards’ reaction to the affair are explored, creating a narrative that goes beyond the headlines.

Despite the intense media scrutiny and legal battles that followed the scandal, Rielle Hunter now lives a quieter life with her daughter in Charlotte, North Carolina. The affair’s aftermath, legal challenges, and Edwards’ political downfall are part of a past that Hunter navigates away from the spotlight.


The John Edwards and Rielle Hunter scandal remains a chapter in political history that continues to captivate public interest. Rielle Hunter, now residing in Charlotte, has found a semblance of peace in a life centered around her daughter, Quinn.

Her reflections on mistakes, motherhood, and moving forward reveal a nuanced perspective on a scandal that defined a significant part of her life. As the public revisits this scandal through Jake Tapper’s interview and Hunter’s own words, it invites contemplation on the complexities of personal relationships in the public eye.

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