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An 83-year-old man is having a hard time recovering after being attacked by two random pit bulls in his front yard. The horrifying incident took place on December 16, 2022 in the Crenshaw and Slauson neighborhood when Lindsey, 83, left her home while preparing to pick up her wife from the senior center where she exercises. Her distraught daughter Belynda told Fox 11 Los Angeles:

“She came out of her house, came off the porch, and she saw these dogs coming. They were running. She’s not afraid. She sees them and she thinks they’re going to pass.” him, but they jump on him and knock him down. He was kicking and trying to keep his hands up to prevent them from touching his neck. One dog led him this way, and the other took him by the legs and dragged him the other way.”

Jimmy Lindsey Age

Jimmy Lindsey is 83 years old.

Incident Detail

Belynda told the outlet how her father was screaming as the neighbors tried to intervene. “They (neighbors) tried different methods to get the dogs out. The dogs wouldn’t move, they called 911 and they put it on hold,” she recalled. The dogs were still there when first responders arrived and inflicted devastating injuries on Lindsey, including severed arteries, damaged tendons and nerves. “

My father was traumatized for half an hour and at some point he lost consciousness. We say that we are seeing a miracle that my father is here,” she said. Lindsey was later rushed to Dignity Health hospital. “Dignity Health, after looking at the CT scan, they knew he needed a major trauma and hand surgeon and searched and found one in Riverside, he was airlifted and he received immediate surgery to repair the severed arteries,” she explained. Belynda.

She said her father was in ICU in Riverside before being transferred to Kaiser in West LA. “He’s been undergoing wound care, and the doctor said we’re not out of the woods yet for his arm to function. They said at the very least [it will take] a year [to recover] because the tendons, arteries, muscle, the veins, all of this was exposed. My father suffers from this pain all the time and my father was healthy.

He walked for miles,” he added. The beleaguered daughter said Los Angeles County Animal Control came to Kaiser to speak with her father about the incident and to identify the dogs. “I think animal control may have been in the area looking for them (the dogs) and saw one of the dogs on the porch of this house. [According to animal control] the owner recognized the dog and animal control said we need to drink and the owner said he would need a court order,” he said.

The family is now awaiting a hearing with Animal Control and the owner. “My father was on his property on a different block. These animals got away somehow, so I would say that the owner of the house, or the owner of the property, whoever, is responsible for the negligence of letting these out.” ferocious dogs and what I understand from the neighbors is that this is “Not the first time they’ve seen these dogs roaming around.

He [his father] will suffer possibly for the rest of his life, physically and emotionally. This is post-traumatic stress and everything that comes with it. He’s having nightmares,” Belynda said. She explained. The family is now trying to raise money through GoFundMe to cover medical expenses.

“He’s going to need care at home and it’s expensive to get someone at home to care for him and take care of these wounds. These wounds will take time to heal and there’s special care that comes with this. My heart aches because he suffered.” Belynda said.

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