Who is JiaQi Bao and Hunter Biden? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Incident Detail

JiaQi Bao and Hunter Biden Wiki – JiaQi Bao and Hunter Biden Biography

James Comer, the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, demanded in a letter to the FBI that the organization provide Congress with details about Hunter Biden associate JiaQi Bao’s connections to the CCP and her dealings with the Biden family. Comer has asked the FBI to turn over all records and correspondence related to Bao, Timothy Thibault, or the Hunter Biden investigation, as well as all records and correspondence related to CEFC’s efforts to acquire American energy and infiltrate the Biden family. by November 9, 2022.

“Bao provided Hunter with information regarding the purchase of liquefied natural gas reserves in the United States for sale to China, had access to the financial information of the Biden family, and contacted affiliated agents. to the CCP on behalf of the Bidens,” Comer wrote in the letter. according to the Daily Mail. Thibault, a senior FBI agent suspected of bias in handling the Hunter Biden case, resigned in August after whistleblowers said he dragged out the investigation and instructed agents “not to look in the computer laptop” because he didn’t want an FBI investigation. to affect the 2020 election.

JiaQi Bao and Hunter Biden Age

Hunter Biden is 29 years old.

Incident Detail

Hunter Biden entered into a business partnership with CEFC Secretary General Patrick Ho in 2017. The Chinese businessman was subsequently monitored by US law enforcement as a potential threat to foreign intelligence before he was found guilty of bribery in 2018. Hunter referred to Ho as the “spy.” head of China” in a phone recording found on his abandoned laptop.

Hunter hired a Chinese-American assistant named JiaQi Bao, 29, to help him with his multimillion-dollar joint venture with CEFC. Bao and Hunter had allegedly developed quickly a strong and fascinating friendship. The emails reportedly reveal that the New York-based Bao initially meticulously planned flights, lodging, and even medical appointments for President Joe Biden’s son.

Interestingly, however, the young assistant also sent him research on the opposition to support Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, persuaded Hunter to withdraw money from the joint venture’s accounts when the business failed, wrote intimate and flirtatious messages, and even finished off Hunter’s army.

Dog tags in his New York apartment, the same ones he can be seen wearing in homemade porn videos he filmed on his laptop. Comer pointed to concerns that Bao’s alleged coordination between the CCP and the Biden family jeopardized national security and that Thibault “ignored information” about Bao’s role in the Biden family business.

He cited a Daily Mail article in May 2021 as evidence that Bao and Biden’s friendship went “beyond professional obligations,” a frequent strategy used by Chinese agents.Bao worked for the National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China, which oversees projects that receive foreign funding, after receiving a  degree from Tsinghua University, which is a major recruiting ground for China’s intelligence service. , according to the committee’s letter.

According to Comer, as Hunter’s assistant, Bao gave him advice on how to buy liquid natural gas reserves in the United States to sell to China, had access to the family’s financial data, and communicated on behalf of the Bidens with agents connected to the family. the CCP.

According to Oversight Republicans, Bao, who seemed to be keeping an eye on Hunter’s financial interests, advised him to go ahead with his natural gas investment thesis because Ho’s arrest presented a great opportunity to capitalize. “Bao’s efforts to remain close to the Biden family following the collapse of the CEFC company raises serious concerns about Bao’s motives and plans with the Biden family,” Comer’s letter says.

“Specifically, did the CCP pressure Bao to ensure that the Bidens continued to sell US LNG to China? If so, this presents an alarming threat to national security,” the letter said. Bao has worked in the financial and private equity sectors as an analyst and assistant in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and New York since 2011, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He simply lists “Hedge Fund/Asset Management/Financial Services” as his job from February 2016 to July 2019 on his LinkedIn page, with no mention of CEFC or association with the Bidens. Bao was hired by Hunter as his secretary and assistant after the multi-million dollar transaction with the Chinese oil company CEFC.

She acted as a go-between for Hunter’s Chinese business partners, translated paperwork and handled Hunter’s administrative duties on the joint venture. Her Chinese-American family is in Arizona, where she attended state university before earning a master’s degree at Tsinghua, a prestigious institution in Beijing.

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