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Jesus is not a relationship - Tiwa Savage Claims

Tiwa Savage: When I wrote “Someone’s Son”, I was thinking about Jesus, not the relationship, (Video) Tiwa Savage’s claims about someone’s son thinking Jesus is involved were written on video. Greetings and welcome to the 50MIND S BLOG. Here are the latest breaking news and trends we have for you right now.

Favorite Nigerian artist Tiwa Savage recently made an unexpected statement about the perception of one of her songs.

She made the statement while explaining the inspiration behind her famous song “Somebody’s Son.”

The mother of a child predicted that while the music would not be about romance, it would be about Jesus Christ.

This was something that Tiwa effectively stated in a popular video.

She claims that many told her that the song would not be successful as it is aimed at women who are easily seduced.

But she changed history because “Jesus Christ” is everyone’s son and everyone needs him.

They claimed that this song would not be successful because only women would listen to it, Tiwa commented. Generally, men will not sing Somebody’s Son.

But as you well know, I wasn’t thinking about a romantic relationship when I created this song; instead, I was thinking of Jesus Christ, who is someone’s true son.

I responded to the skeptics by saying that everyone, male or female, will be able to relate to this song as we all need a child.

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