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Who was Jessica Nelson’s killer? Notice of death and murder charges for Matthew Kidder Matthew Kidder, a family friend, strangled Jessica Nelson to death at his residence with a telephone cord.

After further examination, Matthew admitted to killing her even though he had previously denied doing so. He also told the cellmate her entire story that he had been sharing during the early stages of the investigation.

Who was Jessica Nelson’s killer?

Before being apprehended by the police, Matthew Kidder murdered his family friend Nelson and even made it to his funeral. Nelson’s body was discovered partially submerged, naked and with running water in the bathtub when Nelson’s mother went to check on her daughter.

He was in a fetal position with a cell phone charging cable in one hand. Blood was all over Nelson’s head. He also had bruises and abrasions on his neck, blood in his eyes, and a strangulation mark on his neck that looked like a cell phone cord. That smartphone cord strangled the victim to death. There was also evidence that the killer had sexually harassed Nelson.

Death Notice for Jessica Nelson and Family Tribute

At the age of 28, Jessica passed away, leaving her 8-year-old son without a mom. She was buried in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, at Westlawn-Hillcrest Memorial Park. Her parents, Melissa and Harry A. Nelson, continue to grieve today over the loss of her daughter.

Forensic specialists found two DNA samples on the telephone wire from the crime scene. Nail samples were taken from Nelson’s left and right hands and the results were the same in both cases.

Following this advice, authorities learned that the DNA sample belonged to Mathew, who had sustained a head injury and appeared to have a scar from a fingernail. As a result, the police took him into custody for further investigation.

Matthew Kidder murder charges: Where is the killer in 2022?

Matthew Kidder was convicted of first-degree murder and assault with a dangerous weapon in connection with the death of Jessica Nelson. For the rape and strangulation of Jessica, the man was to serve a life sentence in prison starting in 2016.

Kidder received a fifty-year prison sentence in 2018 for having a firearm in his possession. The judge reduced the sentence to twenty years after learning that fifty years she was outside the allowable range. Although the Nebraska Supreme Court ordered the lower court to reinstate the initial 50-year sentence, Matthew’s convictions were upheld and he was sentenced to life in prison.

Penalties of up to 50 years are authorized by Nebraska law. As a result, the court’s initial decision was appropriate.

Matthew Kidder disputes murder charges Jillian Nelson Kidder first denied visiting Nelson’s residence on the night of the murder, June 24, 2015. When he told authorities that he was at Nelson’s residence on June 23 to help her moving things, he made sure to emphasize that he sweated significantly on the couch and mattress. Kidder was arrested on suspicion of murdering Nelson after the interview.

For one day, he and Randy Anderson, another prisoner, were housed in a cell together. She said everything in front of him, and Randy then gave a false testimony to hurt Kidder. Even from a prison cell, he called his father. The call to the jail was recorded by the authorities. The night Nelson was killed, Kidder admitted by phone that he spent about 20 minutes at his home.

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