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An upset mother in Henryetta describes how her daughter was invited to a residence just before a massacre in a heartbreaking event. The suspect, Jesse McFadden, is accused of killing six people by shooting them before killing himself on May 1st. Tiffany Guess, Annika’s best friend, was one of the victims of Monday’s mass murder in Henryetta. She described how Tiffany texted her to see if she wanted to visit the mall in Tulsa.

Annika stated, “I received a text asking if I wanted to go up to the Tulsa mall, and I said I don’t know if I can today. Annika rebuffed Tiffany’s invitation, “And she said OK, and I said maybe next weekend.” Ivy Webster and Brittany Brewer, two young girls, went missing on Monday from the same gathering where Annika was invited. Seven bodies were later found by authorities, all of whom had been shot to death. ”

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Jesse McFadden is 39 years old.

Incident Detail

We were biking, roller skating, and doing everything else. We waded. Without her and everything else, it’s going to be difficult,” Annika reportedly told KOCO News. Another of Tiffany’s friends, Addison, remarked, “Everyone is just silent and kind of sad and crying when we walk into school.”

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Valerie Mosco had an intuition, but police have not yet decided whether the mass killing on Holly Road was premeditated. “I didn’t have a good feeling about it because she did spent the night there once. No, it wasn’t a Not because it was a horrible feeling—nothing they had done had made it so—but my gut told me she wouldn’t return, Mosco reportedly stated.

She also spoke about the unfathomable level of destruction her daughter is experiencing, something she was unprepared for. The only way to get through life, according to Mosco, is with support from your friends, family, and certainly the good lord. “Just reminding them that the world is not so innocent and life is not easy,” he stated.

The neighbourhood is distributing fliers in memory of the victims in the wake of the tragedy. “As I reflect, I wish Tiffany had gotten in touch with us and let us know that something wasn’t right in their residence. She never did, though. Simply communicate with your children, Mosco advised. In addition, Henryetta hosted a charity car wash and benefit auction to support the tragedy’s afflicted families.

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