Jess Hilarious Dating: Who Is Jess Hilarious Dating? Is She in a Relationship With Anyone?

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Curiosity often surrounds the personal lives of celebrities, and comedian Jess Hilarious is no exception. Recently, Jess Hilarious made headlines after revealing exciting news about her relationship on The Breakfast Club. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Jess Hilarious’ dating life, exploring her current relationship, partner, and the recent pregnancy announcement.

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Jess Hilarious

Jess Hilarious Dating

Comedian Jess Hilarious, known for her wit and humor, recently dropped a bombshell on The Breakfast Club. As she celebrated her 32nd birthday on February 13, the radio host received a heartwarming call from her boyfriend, Chris. The unexpected revelation came as Chris expressed his joy, saying, “I cannot wait for our little bundle of joy.”

The co-hosts, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy, were visibly surprised by this sudden mention of a baby. With excitement, they asked Jess to confirm the news. Jess, with a beaming smile, confirmed her pregnancy, stating, “Yes, I am three months.

So I’m 13 weeks.” The co-hosts congratulated Chris, and the discussion even took a playful turn when Charlamagne suggested an engagement ring as a Valentine’s Day gift.

This revelation left fans wondering about the man behind the joyful news. Who is Chris, and how long has he been in Jess Hilarious’ life?

Who Is Jess Hilarious Dating?

Details about Chris were scarce until Jess Hilarious went public about their relationship around July of last year. Ashton, who appeared on an episode titled “Kids Get Mopped & School Suspension,” discussed his parents’ co-parenting and the relationship they share.

This episode likely marked the beginning of public awareness about Jess Hilarious’ romantic involvement with Chris.

Is Jess Hilarious in a Relationship With Anyone?

Surprisingly, recent reports have caused a bit of confusion. The mention of Daniel Parsons, described as Jess Hilarious’ new boyfriend, has left fans wondering about the timeline of her relationships.

“Wow!! Here is Jess’s Hilarious new boyfriend, Daniel Parsons! They’ve been dating for over eight months and have known one other for around four years,”.

It seems that Jess and Daniel have known each other for about five years and had been enjoying a passionate flirtation for over a year. The two were close friends before their romantic connection began. Despite a reported rough breakup with Kourtney in 2019, Jess maintains a close friendship with him.

As of now, Jess Hilarious is residing in Baltimore, Maryland, with her partner, Daniel Parsons. While rumors circulate about their ‘live-in relationship,’ no official response has been provided to date.

It’s worth noting that relationships can be dynamic, and the timeline of Jess Hilarious’ love life might be more intricate than initially thought. Fans eagerly await further updates on this intriguing love story.

In conclusion, Jess Hilarious’ love life seems to be filled with surprises, from unexpected pregnancy announcements to the mention of multiple partners. As the comedian continues to share glimpses of her personal life, fans can expect more twists and turns in the tale of Jess Hilarious’ relationships.

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