Jered Standing Obituary: What Happened to Jered Standing? When Did He Die?

Jered Standing Obituary

Jered Standing, a prominent butcher in Los Angeles, met a tragic end at the age of 44. His demise, reported by the Los Angeles County medical examiner-coroner on February 22, has left many questioning the circumstances surrounding his death. Let’s delve into the life of Jered Standing, exploring his contributions to ethical butchery, and the events leading up to his passing.

Jered Standing Obituary
Jered Standing Obituary

Jered Standing Obituary

Jered Standing was more than just a butcher; he was a visionary dedicated to promoting ethical and sustainable meat sourcing. Starting as a vegetarian due to concerns about animal mistreatment in factory farming, Jered transitioned into a conscious meat eater, believing that consumer choices could drive positive change in the industry.

In 2017, he founded Standing’s Butchery in Hancock Park, gaining recognition for its thoughtful sourcing practices and excellent service. Jered prioritized animal welfare, sourcing directly from farmers committed to free-range habitats, heritage breeds, and all-grass diets. Beyond sourcing, he implemented a zero-waste program, utilizing every part of the animal to minimize environmental impact.

Jered was not only a skilled butcher but also an educator, offering butchery classes and sharing sustainable practices through social media. His influence extended beyond his shop, inspiring chefs, customers, and fellow butchers to adopt more ethical and sustainable practices.

What Happened to Jered Standing Butcher?

Jered Standing’s sudden demise on February 22 shocked the community that admired him for his ethical approach to butchery. His shop, Standing’s Butchery, had become renowned for its thoughtful sourcing and commitment to animal welfare. Standing worked closely with farmers to ensure humane practices and sustainable farming methods.

Despite his success, Jered faced personal challenges, including financial struggles that led to him sleeping in his car while pursuing his dream. His passing created a void in the local community and the broader food industry, where he was regarded as a pioneer in ethical meat sourcing.

When Did Jered Standing Die
When Did Jered Standing Die

When Did Jered Standing Die?

Jered Standing’s cause of death, according to the Los Angeles County medical examiner-coroner, was suicide. Despite his remarkable achievements and advocacy for sustainable meat sourcing, Jered struggled with personal demons that ultimately led to this tragic outcome.

His passing serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and the challenges that individuals may face behind the façade of success. It highlights the need for support systems and resources for those grappling with mental health issues, even in seemingly thriving professions.

Jered Standing’s legacy as a champion of ethical butchery and sustainability lives on despite his untimely death. His impact on the local food community and the inspiration he provided to others in pursuing their passions with integrity and dedication will endure.

As we remember Jered Standing, let us also reflect on the significance of mental health awareness and the ongoing commitment needed to support those facing personal struggles within any industry.

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