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Club Q, a gay nightclub, was attacked by a gunman, now identified as Anderson Lee Aldrich, killing five and injuring several, in Colorado Springs on Saturday, November 19. A survivor who survived the deadly attack recalled the horrific experience for him. to CBS news. Jerecho Loveall, who was shot in the leg, told the outlet that he was sitting peacefully at the bar when Aldrich entered the club

He recalled: “Everybody was scared. He came in shooting a rapid-fire gun. I’m not familiar with guns so I can’t tell you what kind of gun it was. But it was definitely a rapid-fire gun and it was definitely a rifle of some sort. . The people who got on top of them had people who were already injured and had already been shot. But the guy held him down and kept him that way until the police came. I know there is pain there.

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Jerecho Loveall is 37 years old.

Incident Detail

And I know there should be pain there. But I, I feel the pain, it hurts, but I don’t know if it’s more mental or physical pain that I’m feeling right now, ”he explained. Loveall, who reportedly visited the club for over 12 years, called Club Q a “very chill, chill, family-oriented place” where you can “be yourself and not be judged.” Loveall was shot in the leg during the horrifying and unprovoked mass shooting.

He explained of his experience: “I was running with adrenaline coursing through me, trying to find the people I was there with, trying to control the people I knew, the people I hoped and prayed for were safe. And then I came out. to try to help find everyone. I found my people and that’s when we found out I had a wound on my leg that was bleeding.

The paramedics bandaged my leg and took me to the hospital and that’s when I found out, I had a wound of bullet. From beginning to end”. Meanwhile, police have identified Anderson Lee Aldrich as the suspect who allegedly killed five people and injured at least 25 people at the Colorado nightclub before being subdued by two of Club Q’s patrons.

Aldrich has been arrested and he is currently being treated for his injuries. The shooting comes just before Transgender Day of Remembrance or TDOR, which is celebrated annually on November 20 in memory of people killed as a result of transphobia.

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