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Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston Wiki – Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston Biography

Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston, his loving wife of 45 years, celebrated Jeff’s 73rd birthday on December 4, 2022. The icon is not only a phenomenal actor in Hollywood, but also a devoted husband and father. Arguably, they have one of the longest marriages in Hollywood, having tied the knot in 1977.

Jeff met Susan Geston in 1975 while filming the movie ‘Rancho Deluxe’ in Chico Hot Springs, just outside of Livingston, Montana. It was love at first sight when her eyes fell on a beautiful girl on the set. After working on her, he mustered up the courage to ask her out of her, but was turned down twice. After saying no, Susan added, “It’s a small town; maybe we’ll meet up later.”

Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston Age

Susan Geston is 67 years old.

Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston Incident Detail

The ‘Tron: Legacy’ star hadn’t thought the future would come so quickly. Just a few days after that initial meeting, at the farewell party, the two danced the night away and fell in love. They were married on June 5, 1977, and their love has remained strong ever since. The couple share three daughters, Hayley Roselouise, Isabelle Bridges Boesch, and Jessica Lily.

In an inspiring story written by the actor, Bridges said: “I don’t quite know Sue; I never will, and she won’t really know me. But with each battle, we come closer to realizing that this ‘not knowing’ it’s what we have in common. We know we’re going to experience our stuff, we’re going to go through some tough times, but we’re doing it together.”

Jeff and Susan have stayed true to each other through sickness and health. But the loving couple, who will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary on June 5, recently experienced their biggest crisis to date after Jeff was diagnosed with cancer and later contracted COVID while undergoing chemotherapy.

The actor announced his diagnosis of lymphoma on October 20, 2020. “I have been diagnosed with lymphoma,” he tweeted. “Although it is a serious disease, I feel lucky to have a great team of doctors and the prognosis is good.” Subsequently, he informed his followers that he would begin treatment and keep them informed of his progress. In a similar statement on his Instagram, Jeff expressed his big thanks to his family for their love and support.

When Geston revealed the news, she said they initially felt numb, but then began to take the necessary steps. The actor soon began receiving chemotherapy and soon after it was revealed that the tumor had begun to regress. Meanwhile, the actor regularly updated his Instagram, such as when he shaved his head, had a puppy, and celebrated his 72nd birthday.

The unwavering support of his wife kept him going, but little did they know that they would face another life and death battle. According to the doctor’s reports, the star’s health was improving, but the chemotherapy exposed him to Covid 19. The positive result came as a great emotional blow to the actor and his wife when the virus destroyed his immune system. “COVID made my cancer look like nothing,” he said.

Susan, devastated, was not sure that her husband would survive. After receiving a call from the hospital informing her that he would be placed on a ventilator, Geston realized that she had to act quickly to help him. He began to push medical professionals to perform at the highest level.  It was difficult for Jeff to make decisions during his hospital stay, so his wife and his doctor had to step in and make those decisions for him. To quote Geston, “I said, ‘Save his life.

It doesn’t matter what you have to do.’ The medical staff’s battle for the actor’s life finally paid off. The ‘Fearless’ actor was on the brink of death as his teammates yelled at him to keep fighting, but they finally took the fan off. With the overwhelming support of his wife, he was even able to walk his daughter down the aisle. Despite the tribulations, his love for each other seems to have made the impossible possible.

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