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The tragic turn of events led to the untimely death of a 4-year-old boy who shot himself in front of his younger sister with a gun he found in her dollhouse, a gun that supposedly belonged to his mother’s boyfriend. The boy, J’Den Watson, died at a local hospital. The boy’s mother is 22-year-old Alicia Smith, whose boyfriend, Joseph Jackson’s gun, was the reason her son was taken from life so early.

Jackson, 19, had said that he always kept his 9mm Glock 19 without a holster in the dollhouse on the second floor. He was on another floor when he heard a “pop”, followed by the eerie sound of his girlfriend screaming too. When he went upstairs to check, he saw that the boy was bleeding from the face.

J’Den Watson Age

J’Den Watson is 22 years old.

J’Den Watson Cause of Death

Jackson has claimed that he would help Smith with hers two children of hers every day and has been living with her for a month. He also told authorities that J’Den was climbing the dollhouse the other day when he found the gun within his reach. His mother said that she was at the scene when the boy committed suicide.

He heard the sound as she turned around and saw her son collapse in front of her and her sister, People reports. Speaking to authorities, Smith said that Jackson had “previously left the gun in areas where his children could access it” and that Jackson had left the gun in the dollhouse many times before, something that had become a point discussion between the two. on multiple occasions.

Court documents have revealed that neither adult had taken “any precautionary measure to protect the child’s firearm.” The boy’s grandmother had also spoken to the media about her disbelief at the whole situation. She said: “We’re so upset they couldn’t take the time to go downstairs to put it in a gun safe.

Instead, they left it in a dollhouse and I don’t understand that.” She later identified with her mother, of whom she said: “I’m angry, I’m very angry, but at the same time, my heart goes out to [Smith] because I know what a good mother she was.”

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