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A woman is put on trial for allegedly getting another to steal over a million dollars from a wealthy husband. Defendant Jaycee Wasso is charged with extortion of more than $50,000 and a series of robbery charges. You can watch it in the player above. As previously reported, co-defendant Lin Helena Halfon, 29, was charged with trying to process a $1 million cashier’s check made out to her and her husband Richard Rappaport, 80.

Amscot staff in Tampa, Florida rejected this because Richard wasn’t there to confirm. Halfon re-entered with three checks worth $333,333, authorities said. Authorities said they spoke with Rappaport and his daughter. She initially had Halfon’s back. “Rappaport informed investigators that she believed it was a mistake and he wanted to give Halfon the benefit of the doubt,” investigators wrote.

Jaycee Wasso Age

Jaycee Wasso is 25 years old.

Incident Detail

But her daughter said that neither she nor anyone else in the family knew that she had married Halfon. She said that she believed Halfon was “cheating” on Rappaport because of her age. The same thing happened with Halfon’s parents. The couple said that she did not find out that she was married to him until after she was arrested and it was reported on the Internet.

They also did not know that she was previously married as well. A lot has changed since then. Halfon pleaded guilty to counting each racketeering fraud over $50,000 and elder exploitation over $50,000 and agreed to testify in the case.

A third defendant, John Grancer, was also charged in the incident. He was charged with illegally cashing checks. Both he and Halfon are now expected to testify against Wasso, saying she masterminded the robbery of more than $1 million in Rappaport.

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