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Jason Landry is a substitute student at Texas State University and has been absent since around 2020. Allies and concerned individuals recruited a corner at the Luling Watermelon Thump this weekend to spread awareness of his whereabouts.

In December 2020, police found Landry’s car added to Salt Flat Road near Luling. It’s been a year since Jason Landry disappeared.

The city of Luling, Texas, has just under 6,000 residents, but the annual summer party draws a large number of visitors each year.

In a meeting, the coordinator of the post, Felicia Sundgren, was surprised that many people were still unaware of Landry’s story.

[Update] – Who is Jason Landry? Jason Landry is a substitute student at Texas State University who has been absent since around 2020. In the new NYPD update, a man who is like Jason’s time has been found.

In any case, it has yet to be confirmed as Jason Landry of Texas State University.

An unidentified young man found lying on a Bronx highway has been featured in a photograph released by the New York Police Department.

Right now he is in a clinic. Worryingly, specialists from the Texas AG office are in contact with those in New York.

They previously sent Jason’s distinctive test data to New York. Later today, the occupants of New York should have a choice as to whether or not this young man is Jason.

Additionally, the post read, “We value every person who contacted us to tell us about this young man. If it’s not too much trouble, remember Jason and his family in your applications. We want to believe that he will be found, he will recover and be reunited with his loved ones.”

Texas State Student Missing Case Texas State Substitute Jason Landry has been missing since December 13, 2020. He was born on July 29.

Landry is a 21-year-old substitute student at Texas State who evaporated while leaving San Marcos for his old neighborhood of Missouri City, Texas.

His wrecked car was found on a rocky road in the Luling oil field.

The Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office believes he abandoned his property after stripping naked on the road.

The sheriff’s office shares interesting evidence to ignite new leads, more than a year after Landry vanished.

Jason Landry’s hunting history and trades prior to his disappearance were explored by the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office.

‘How long can you live in the forest without food?’ [Jason is] looking through google. How long could the coverage expire at any time, and so on?

He was researching methods to achieve an otherworldly building. She is researching some weed varieties and how to mix them.

He is talking about the impacts of hallucinogens on his life and his understanding of otherworldly enlightenment.

Does that then, at that point, have anything to say in his demise? Patron Jeff Ferry of the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office commented, “We accept it.

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