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A distraught father reportedly murdered his wife and three young children before committing suicide. In one of the most shocking cases of family decimation, Jasen Michael Hudgens, 44, took the life of his wife Marla Jordan Hudgens, 40, their three-year-old son Christopher Hudgens, and six-month-old twin girls Gwen. and Faye Hudgens, before murdering them. the same.

The family’s nanny reportedly found the bodies and called authorities. Officers responded to the home on Augusta Avenue at 8:00 a.m. local time on Wednesday, November 16, “in regards to an unresponsive person inside the home with a strong odor of gas,” according to a news release. “Haz Mat teams entered the home and found several victims deceased.”

Jasen and Marla Hudgens Age

Jasen and Marla Hudgens’s age is Unkown.

Jasen and Marla Hudgens Cause of Death

An investigation was launched after police verified that neighboring houses were not endangered and “it was determined that the gas levels in the house were safe to enter.” The statement continued: “Once inside, detectives discovered the bodies of two adults and three children believed to be members of the same family. The bodies had obvious signs of trauma,” adding: ”

Rescue services were offered. I stand with the residents of this close-knit neighborhood and those associated with the victims.” Jasen Hudgens is believed to be the sole suspect in the homicide and was found apparently with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Speaking with CBS affiliate KPHO-TV, friends of Marla Hudgens said she wanted to end her marriage but were unaware of any potential for violence.

“We never had any indication from her that she felt scared, threatened or unsafe,” her friend Brett Hagerty told the station. Following the 911 call from the family’s nanny, police, city fire and hazmat crews were dispatched to the scene for a possible gas leak and authorities later confirmed the presence of gas at the House. As mentioned, police officers did not enter the property for several hours for security purposes.

However, they reported discovering five bodies after the house was secured around noon. Police spokesman Sgt. Melissa Soliz called the incident “a complete tragedy.” She said: “Not only is this devastating to the first responders who had to respond and witness what’s inside, but this neighborhood is very close including loved ones and family members who are connected to this house and this residence. “.

Marla was a partner in the Phoenix office of the Lewis Roca law firm. “We are overwhelmed with grief at the loss of our friend, colleague and partner, Marla Hudgens, and her family,” Ken Van Winkle Jr, managing partner at Lewis Roca, told People in a statement.

“We are completely shocked and have only just begun to process this terrible tragedy,” Van Winkle continued, adding, “Marla was a passionate attorney and advocate for her clients. She was an equally passionate leader who worked tirelessly to make our firm a better place. But more than that, Marla was a loving mother and loyal friend. The impact of this loss on the community and on our company is immeasurable.”

While details about what led up to the incident are still being investigated at the time of publication, police confirmed that there were open propane tanks inside the home and a gas line that was not connected to a kitchen appliance.

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