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In a posh flat in Thailand where she was staying with her Polish boyfriend, who is believed to have used Google Translate to ask for assistance disposing of her body, a Ukrainian model was discovered savagely chopped to pieces with a saw. On April 29, Alona Savchenko, 24, and her partner Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow, 25, booked into the Key Sathorn-Charoenraj hotel-apartment in Bangkok.

In the West End of London’s Covent Garden, Lagoda-Filippow operated a legally recognised advertising company, and Savchenko had previously handled picture sessions for him. The couple appeared content as they entered the hotel together, and a CCTV image taken in the corridor captures their smiling faces as they make their way to their room.

Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow Age

Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow is 28 years old.

Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow Incident Detail

However, the Polish visitor departed the building on the morning of May 15 alone, quickly, dragging his bags, and appearing to be extremely anxious, which led the security personnel to become suspicious. Lagoda-Filippow waved down a taxi, and the driver, Surachai Sabaibang, later called the hotel to complain about the Pole’s strange behaviour after his customer allegedly used Google Translate to request assistance dismembering a body.

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Lagoda-Filippow is seen stuttering as he exits the lift while dragging his suitcase behind him on surveillance footage as he leaves the hotel. Following Mr Surachai’s call, hotel officials proceeded to check the couple’s 32nd-floor room and discovered Ms Savchenko’s mutilated body on her bed.  Her left hand had been severed at the wrist, and the young woman’s face was covered in blood.

Paramedics found that she had also suffered a chest stab wound in addition to having her head half severed and a large gash running from her neck to her left shoulder. Near her body, a 2-foot saw that was covered in blood was lying. According to investigators, Ms. Savchenko was murdered over the weekend before Lagoda-Filippow tried to flee.

This suggests that she had been dead for approximately a day when she was found. From the Wat Phraya Krai District Station, police lieutenant colonel Pongpun Phonharn stated: “The victim entered the condominium with her boyfriend on April 29, but left without her at noon on May 15.” “We discovered that she had hired a cab to transport him to the region of Sa Kaeo. Most likely, he was attempting to enter Cambodia.

“I picked up the dubious passenger,” the driver remarked. “He told me through Google Translate that he wanted to gamble in a casino. He asked me via the app to assist him in dismembering the body of his girlfriend for 1,500 baht ($44) after he was unable to find an appropriate location to play. Surachai allegedly dropped Lagoda-Filippow down at a hotel in Bangkok’s Sathorn area before calling the hotel where he had been staying since the worrisome request bothered him.

Shortly after hotel personnel discovered Ms Savchenko’s death, border officials were on high alert, and on Monday night Lagoda-Filippow was apprehended at the Aranyaprathet border post, located 135 miles away in Sa Kaeo province. He was being questioned while being held at the Wat Phraya Krai police station as the police notified the Polish embassy of his arrest. The inquiries continue.

Lieutenant Colonel Pongpun Phonharn of the police continued, “The suspect was very calm when he was taken into custody. He was apprehended this morning about four in the morning.In his cell, he made his customary cup of coffee and started working out as if it were just another morning. He remained silent. “The Polish embassy has been notified, and we have scheduled for representatives to show up later today.

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