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James McGibney Wiki – James McGibney Biography

James McGibney is an American money manager and former Marine. He earned the Navy Achievement Medal for serving in the United States Marine Corps.

McGibney earned the Harvard University Certification in Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in the Information Age on August 16, 2021.

He served in the US Marine Corps and was relegated to the 3rd Surveillance Reconnaissance Intelligence Group and Marine Security Guard Battalion.

Also, when McGibney was serving as farm manager for contracted general worker Tutor Perini in 2009, it was important to showcase the cutting-edge innovation of Cisco UCS.

In February 2011, he declared the dismissal of Cheaterville.com, a site where unknown clients can post reports of infidelity and the names and photos of those reported.

James McGibney Net Worth: How Rich Is The Former Marine? Typical compensation for a businessman in the United States is $62,717 each year. Therefore, James’ profit could fall within the ranges mentioned above.

McGibney’s total assets are obscure as of 2022. However, he may have made more money from his work.

He is the pioneer and CEO of ViaView, Inc., based in Las Vegas, Nevada. ViaView claims and operates BullyVille.com, CheaterVille.com, KarmaVille.com, and DramaVille.com.

Additionally, he stated in June 2012 that he would have VocalVille on the CBS KXNT-FM radio broadcast in Las Vegas. Tracker was required to pay James $250,000 in damages for criticism in a March 2013 court request.

Where could James McGibney be now? The fund manager currently resides in Round Rock, Texas, where he oversees BullyVille and serves as the senior director of cybersecurity for an electrical project worker. He was reprimanded after the CheaterVille site, shut down in May 2015, was contrasted with Hunter’s.

James responded by saying:[CheaterVille.com] he had no intention of correcting retaliation or actually hurting. Running against the norm, I accept that I was expected to warn people and would never change my perspective.”

It also hoped to offer television programs in view of the sites it claimed. Tracker offered defamatory comments about James’ partner on Twitter shortly after offering the property to James. He wrongly guaranteed that James was a “pedophile with vile images”

Right now, he is married with three children and is grateful to invest energy with them. Thomas Retzlaff was blamed for molesting and following James and his organization, ViaView, in a 2014 claim that named James as a litigant.

What happened between Hunter Moore and James McGibney? Tracker Moore sold McGibney the controversial adult retribution site Is Everyone Up? in April 2012 for not exactly $15,000. Site traffic was diverted to BullyVille.com. Hence, McGibney’s express goal of shutting down the old site.

Moore blamed McGibney for being a pedophile and took steps to harass his better half on Twitter three days after the purchase. McGibney subsequently filed a defamation lawsuit against Moore in the Clark County District Court of Nevada in February 2013.

Subsequently, Moore received a $250,000 default judgment, court costs and legitimate charges. The judgment was valued at more than $338,000 as of September 2021.

A brief VICE interview with McGibney was posted on YouTube in April 2022, in which he discussed his work on the events that paved the way for the 2012 conclusion of the adult retribution site IsAnyoneUp?

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