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Jamal Kukla, 29, has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a pastor’s daughter, Jasmine Washington, 31. The Cuyahoga County Court ordered the prison term with the possibility of parole 15 years after the prison term. Kukla had beaten her to death with a garden tool and had hidden her body under the church steps. He then fled the scene, only to be caught after several years of investigation.

The murder took place in Slavic Village four years ago in 2018. Kukla has been charged with two counts of murder and also one count of criminal assault. He has also been charged with tampering with evidence and gross abuse of a corpse. Kukla was found to be the killer when a DNA sample taken from the crime scene matched his own. He was arrested two years ago in May 2020.

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Jamal Kukla is 29 years old.

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“Increasingly, family analysis positively links crime scene DNA evidence to a suspect, providing investigators with leads that solve a case,” Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said following Kukla’s arrest. “I am grateful that our team at the Bureau of Criminal Investigations was able to help our local and federal partners solve this brutal homicide.”

Given the horrific nature of the crime, it is natural for the family to grieve, even though years have passed since the murder. “In her last hours she faced brutality and terror, alone with someone who was trying to hurt her, and thinking about it is unbearable and I am haunted by the horror of it all,” the Washington stepmother said.

A Law and Crime report also claims that the victim’s father, the Rev. James Washington, has spoken emotionally about the chilling murder of his daughter. He mentions that while he has forgiven the killer, he will never forget him. “She might have had some challenges,” Reverend Washington said, “but she was loved.

She will not be forgotten.” Throughout the hearing and sentencing, Kukla did not utter a word about the advice received from his legal counsel. Kukla’s team reportedly plans to appeal the verdict.

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