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Jahmir Harris, 32, surrendered around 3 p.m. on Friday, Philadelphia police said.A man who was released from prison last year after being exonerated for a 2012 murder is now in police custody for his alleged role in a murder last month.  Police said he was a suspect in the murder of Charles Gossett on 56th Street on September 5. Gossett was shot to death on the sidewalk and robbed.

Police released surveillance video they say shows Harris at the scene. “What kind of justice system is this?” asked Linda Cruz, Gossett’s sister. “There is no justice for this.” Cruz held a small vigil for her brother on Friday at the site where he was killed off Lancaster Avenue. Her family blames the district attorney’s office for releasing Harris from prison.

Jahmir Harris Age

Jahmir Harris is 32 years old.

Incident Detail

“They let a criminal out of jail who ultimately killed our brother,” said William Murray, Gossett’s brother. Harris was convicted of killing Louis Porter in 2012 in front of Porter’s 5-year-old son. He spent years in prison until the district attorney’s office said it uncovered the prosecutor’s misconduct and Harris was released in 2021. “When you see the same situation happen again to another family, it just ripped the Band-Aid off.

It’s all coming back,” said Walter Porter, brother of Louis Porter. He was upset to hear what happened to another family and pointed a finger at the justice system. This could have been prevented, this didn’t have to happen,” Porter said. Action News asked the district attorney’s office to comment on why they did not retry the case after discovering the misconduct.

“He was exonerated due to police and prosecutor misconduct, as well as further investigation that included cell phone records that likely eliminated him as a participant entirely,” said Jane Roh, director of communications for the prosecutor’s office. district. “The Commonwealth acknowledged at the time he overturned and overturned his conviction that he was likely innocent of the 2012 murder.”

That doesn’t sit well with either family. They want justice for their loved ones. “What the district attorney is doing is trying to cover his ass by claiming that he did the right thing,” Porter said. What are you doing for the community?” Cruz asked. “You are not doing anything for the community.

What are you doing for the people? How are you stopping these crimes? Police are looking for two other suspects in connection with Gossett’s murder. Anyone with information is asked to call police at 215-686-TIPS.

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