Jackie Clark Missing, Abducted from Canada Shown in CBC series and Gofundme Fundraiser by Mike Richard

Jackie Clark Missing

Jackie Clark Missing

It was a sunny evening on June 3, 1995, when eight-year-old Jackie Clarke went missing in Fredericton, Canada. Jackie and her friends were innocently looking for tadpoles near the Ring Road when tragedy struck.

The upcoming CBC series, “The Detectives,” delves into the heart-wrenching story, reminding the community of the horrific incident that shook them more than two decades ago.

Mike Richard’s Haunting Memories

Retired detective Mike Richard can’t erase the memory of that fateful day. “This case is the only thing that evokes a visceral or emotional reaction in me,” Richard shared in a recent interview. He vividly remembers the weight of the community on his shoulders as they transitioned from a missing person case to a gruesome sexual assault and homicide.

Jackie Clark Missing
Jackie Clark Missing

Jackie Clark Abducted from Canada

The perpetrator, Murray Edward Lyons, lured Jackie away from her friends on an ATV near McAdam Avenue School. The search launched when she didn’t return ended tragically with her body found in the woods, buried under rocks and branches.

Richard reflected on the investigative aspects, stating, “The facts of the case are just a little too gruesome to speak to family and friends about”. The initial lack of leads and the accidental discovery of Lyons at a trailer park added complexity to the investigation.

Richard’s role in the case extended beyond standard procedure. He revealed, “It wasn’t knowing, it was just a feeling,” as he interrogated Lyons. The harrowing task of befriending the perpetrator to extract the truth was a testament to the lengths detectives go to solve such heinous crimes.

The CBC series “The Detectives” Episode Aired

Now, after more than two decades, the CBC series “The Detectives” brings Richard’s interrogation of Lyons to the screen. Richard, grappling with the decision to share his story, emphasized the importance of Jackie’s mother being on board.

Jackie Clark Gofundme Fundraiser by Mike Richard

In this painful recollection, there is a glimmer of hope. Mike Richard initiated a GoFundMe campaign to memorialize Jackie Clarke, with the funds aimed at the library of McAdam Avenue School. The school holds a significant place in the tragedy, as it was near these premises that Jackie’s life was cut short.

Richard expressed his motivation, stating, “I just wanted to make sure that Jackie Clarke is never forgotten”. The consulting fee he received from the CBC series is being channeled into creating a lasting tribute for Jackie, ensuring that her memory lives on.

As the CBC series unfolds, Richard urges the community to join in honoring Jackie’s memory. Donations can be made through the GoFundMe page or at any branch of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) to the “Jackie Clarke Memorial Fund”.

In a world filled with tragedy, it’s stories of resilience and remembrance that offer a glimmer of hope. As “The Detectives” airs Jackie Clarke’s case, it not only unveils the darkness of the past but also presents an opportunity for the community to come together and ensure that Jackie’s memory shines bright.

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