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A family has been trying to recover from an unexplained incident that took the life of their five-year-old daughter. Isabella Grace Docherty, affectionately called Bella, reportedly died on February 13 after vomiting multiple times. The family did not think much of the vomiting as she was otherwise fine. However, when she did not stop, they sought the help of paramedics, but it was too late.

Now, her grieving mother Pamela Little told the Daily Record: “His autopsy on her was inconclusive. We don’t know why this happened and she is killing us inside. We are awaiting the results of more tests which we really hope will give us much-needed answers about what happened to our little girl.”Explaining how the situation played out, the 38-year-old from Newarthill said: ”

Isabella Grace Docherty Age

Isabella Grace Docherty was 05 years old.

Isabella Grace Docherty Cause of Death

She suddenly started vomiting earlier in the day, but it  wasn’t worrying at all. We canceled her swimming lesson that night because we thought she had a stomach bug because we knew a lot of her daycare friends had been sick too. She threw up a few more times and was a bit agitated, but she didn’t have a temperature so we weren’t worried.”

Pamela continued: “She kept ordering food, including McDonald’s, and she was giving us orders. There were no red flags at all.” However, things got worse when Bella couldn’t sleep. Her mother reportedly shared: “She was a little restless and she couldn’t sleep, so she thought she would take her downstairs to see if she would settle on the couch with him.

At 4 am she suddenly vomited and collapsed on the floor. Brian yelled at me to get down. When I walked in, he was holding her in her arms. I brushed her hair out of her face and my gut told me that she was gone. “We called an ambulance and did CPR, a neighbor came to help until the paramedics arrived and after that, it’s just a nightmare.

I only remember seeing her face and realizing that something bad had happened. The paramedics and doctors [at Wishaw General Hospital] did their best but couldn’t save her.” Her mother mentioned an abnormality in Bella’s brain stem, which was discovered by her doctor after an MRI. But she also noticed that they told her not to worry about it. Pamela told the publication: ”

She has some issues with her brain, but nothing we were told to worry about. Her demeanor had suddenly changed after she had chickenpox last summer, so she underwent CT scans and an MRI which said there was a brain stem abnormality, but it wasn’t life-threatening. she. The doctors said it could have been something she was born with.”

She said: “They didn’t know exactly what she was and now they may never find out. She was due to enter the hospital last week as an inpatient for some tests, but unfortunately, all of a sudden, she left.” Bella leaves behind her two older siblings: Leon, 15, and Ellie, 13. Speaking of them and her husband, Pamela added: “We are absolutely devastated.

Bella was our fun loving little diva and now we just want the world to know how amazing she was. Her dad and I are taking it hour by hour. The children are devastated. Ellie saw everything, so she’s pretty traumatized. She shared a room with Bella, so she’s not coming home yet.”

Meanwhile, a person named Stacey Bank reportedly started a fundraiser. The message on the page read: “With the family’s permission, I have created this page for anyone who wishes to help the family at this devastating time.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Brian and Pamela’s precious Princess Isabella was sadly taken from them suddenly at 5 years of age. She also noted, “The excruciating pain and suffering the family is going through right now is unimaginable ? Any donations towards our beautiful celebration of Bellas life would be greatly appreciated ??.”

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