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A Russian propagandist and a hitman were shot in the head at point-blank range in eastern Ukraine over the weekend. Igor Mangushev, a 36-year-old mercenary, was injured at a checkpoint in the Russian-occupied Lugansk region and was taken to a hospital in Stakhanov, in Russia’s eastern Donetsk region, in the early morning of 4 April. February.

The attack came months after the gruesome video in which he brandished the skull of a Ukrainian soldier on stage in Mariupol. Mangushev was shot in an “execution-style” shooting, according to Russian sources who spoke to New Voice of Ukraine. A friend and colleague, Boris Rozhkin, reportedly posted photos on Telegram that allegedly showed a bandaged and bleeding Mangushev lying in a hospital bed, describing his condition as “serious,” according to DailyMail.

Igor Mangushev Age

Igor Mangushev was 56 years old.

Igor Mangushev Cause of Death

Along with the post, Boriz wrote that Mangushev had been attacked in Stakhanov and that doctors had determined that he had been shot with a pistol, according to The Telegraph. Analysts have speculated that the attack could be a warning to the increasingly powerful Wagner Group of Russian mercenaries.

The owner of the Wagner private military company, Yevgeny Prigozhin, and Mangushev have close ties, according to Russia analyst Mark Galeotti, who also suggested this could be a “proxy attack”. Galeotti said: “I think we can safely describe this as a This could be a warning, or removing a pawn from the board, or a sign that Prigozhin’s tougher opponents feel he’s weakened enough to move,” he wrote.

In a series of tweets analyzing the situation. Mangushev, a member of this private mercenary organization, previously claimed that he and his comrades developed the ‘Z’ emblem to show his support for the Russian invasion, according to The Daily Beast.

Images of Mangushev shaking the skull of a Ukrainian soldier killed in Mariupol last August sparked revulsion. Putin’s mercenary said: “Why can’t there be any reconciliation? Ukraine must be un-Ukrainian.” “The Russian lands of Novorossiya must be returned. ”

We are not at war with people of flesh and blood. We are at war with one idea: Ukraine as an anti-Russian state.” Astra media quoted him as saying: “I am holding the skull.” “We are alive, and this guy is already dead,” he told the crowd. “Let him burn in hell. He had no luck. We’ll make a cup out of his skull.”

Mangushev, one of TV Spin’s well-known ex-doctors, openly called for killing civilians on his Telegram channel. “We will burn their houses, kill their families, take their children from them and raise them as Russians,” he posted. Mangushev, who is supposedly fighting for Ukraine, is also the leader of the nationalist group Light Russia and the brainchild behind the ENOT private army, which he is rumored to have ties to the FSB.

The depiction of a human skull was illegal under at least one provision of Article 244 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which prohibits “desecration of the bodies of the dead.” Under international law, it is also a war crime. It was not clear where and when the video was recorded, so it is impossible to independently confirm these details, according to DailyMail.

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