I Am Barstool The Kirk Minihane Show Podcast, Dave Portnoy and Kirk Minihane

The Kirk Minihane Show Podcast

In the latest episode of “The Kirk Minihane Show” podcast, Kirk Minihane welcomed his long-time friend, Dave Portnoy, for an engaging discussion that touched upon various aspects of Barstool Sports. This episode provides insights into the dynamics of Barstool Sports content creation, a new company policy, and other noteworthy events within the Barstool community.

The Kirk Minihane Show Podcast
The Kirk Minihane Show Podcast

Kirk Minihane kickstarts the episode by welcoming Dave Portnoy, the renowned founder of Barstool Sports. According to sources, the duo delves into the nuances of allowing friends to influence Barstool Sports content, shedding light on the unique dynamics of their professional relationship.

Portnoy defends the decision to let a friend dictate content, emphasizing the camaraderie that fuels Barstool’s creative process. As he states, “Friendship and collaboration are at the core of Barstool Sports’ success.”

Dave Portnoy and Kirk Minihane

Kirk Minihane kicks off the episode by welcoming Dave Portnoy to the show, and Portnoy addresses a pressing concern – allowing a friend to dictate Barstool Sports content. According to Portnoy, this decision was made consciously and is part of a new company policy focusing on not being mean. The discussion unfolds at the 2-minute mark of the podcast.

Chris Contemplates Changes

Chris, a prominent figure in the episode, alludes to the possibility of eliminating one of his current projects. The reasons behind this contemplation are not explicitly stated but are hinted at during the conversation.

The intrigue surrounding Chris’s potential decision adds an element of anticipation for regular listeners of “The Kirk Minihane Show.”

Diverse Content: A Poem by Carl Stevens

Adding a unique touch to the episode, Carl Stevens of WBZ shares a poetic tribute to the legacy of David Ortiz. This segment showcases the diverse content that “The Kirk Minihane Show” strives to incorporate, ranging from sports discussions to creative expressions like poetry.

Highlights from Kirk’s Chicago Adventure

Kirk takes the show on the road, landing in Chicago with Jeff D. Lowe producing. The episode captures their night at the UConn/DePaul men’s basketball game, providing listeners with a firsthand account of their experiences.

Some noteworthy moments from the Chicago adventure include a less-than-ideal pizza dinner (06:02), Kirk gaining recognition for his free throw shooting (09:27), and UConn coach Dan Hurley expressing his admiration for Kirk (13:17).

The episode also touches upon the disappointing hyped-up pretzels (30:00) and the potential legal action involving Julie DiCaro and Deadspin (36:52).

Trivia Night and Technical Glitches

The episode concludes with a recap of the previous night’s Dozen Trivia match, where Team Minihane faced a tough showing. However, the stream crashes, leading to an early end to the show, leaving listeners with a cliffhanger and a promise of more exciting content to come.


The latest episode of “The Kirk Minihane Show” provides a comprehensive snapshot of the current happenings within the Barstool Sports community. From changes in company policy to unexpected departures and on-location adventures, the podcast continues to deliver engaging content for its dedicated audience.

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