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A Los Angeles city councilman who advocated defunding and eventual removal of the police is facing criticism after his office requested that the LAPD check out a staff member’s Lexus malfunction. Hugo Soto-Martinez reportedly called the Los Angeles police Wednesday night, February 1, to request “additional patrols throughout the night” for his parked white Lexus after he broke down.

Sergeant Jerretta Sandoz, vice president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, criticized the “hypocrisy” of the far-left official on Monday, February 6. She even refers to Soto-Martinez as “Mr. Defund the Police.” “Better yet, Mr. Abolish the Police,” Sandoz corrected himself in an interview with FOX 11.

Hugo Soto-Martinez Age

Hugo Soto-Martinez’s age is Unkown.

Incident Detail

Hugo Soto-Martinez is a staffer for the Democratic Los Angeles City Councilman, who represents Los Angeles’ 13th District, and had previously declared himself a police “abolitionist” in a questionnaire for council candidates. The councilman’s staff told FOX 11 Los Angeles that he is “upset” by the situation when contacted for comment on the call.

“It has come to our attention that a deputy staff member had some contact with the LAPD regarding his personal vehicle. We are investigating this matter internally and will take appropriate action. Councilmember Soto-Martinez is very upset that this does not reflect the values of transparency, responsible government and accountability to the community that elected him,” the statement read.

Sandoz said: “Apparently the councilor and his staff want to abolish the police for everyone but themselves.” She added that “it’s the height of hypocrisy.” “We have a serious crime problem in Los Angeles,” she continued. “We’ve got murders, we’ve got homeless encampments, we’ve got robberies, burglaries. And then you’ve got a councilman calling because his car broke down?

That’s unbelievable. We’re missing 700 cops in Los Angeles. They’re spread out. And Do you have a councilman who is using his influence to get a policeman to come monitor his vehicle because it is broken down, how about you call AAA?

The comment was deemed “incredible” by Sandoz, who claimed that Soto-Martinez is responsible for protecting community residents against crime. She said: “It’s so irresponsible and dangerous to want to abolish the police and endorse that and say they’re going to investigate their own staff,” she added. “Hard to believe the staffer didn’t receive instructions from the councilman.

I mean, this is his car, right?” Sandoz continued: “I think they’re backtracking on their campaign promise to abolish the police and defund the police. So, I don’t buy that one bit,” as reported by Fox News Digital. In addition, Sandoz maintains that an ordinary civilian would not have been able to request the assistance of the police to look after a disabled vehicle and she feels that the staff member was using his position to receive preferential treatment.

“I don’t understand how this person was chosen for the position. But he definitely needs to step down if he’s not willing to protect his constituents and also protect the city of Los Angeles,” Sandoz concluded. People from Los Angeles’ 13th District who spoke to FoxNews11 also noted the “irony and hypocrisy.”

“I think anyone who wants to abolish the police is ridiculous because when something happens and something happens, it’s negative. They end up calling the police,” one man said, according to FOX 11. “It appears that perhaps she was abusing his connections in a position of power to use that privilege to protect his property,” another person in the area said. “That’s not something that any average person can do.”

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