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According to the reports, the deceased and editor -in -chief editor of the magazine ‘Playboy’, Hugh Hefner, had been diagnosed with cancer months before his death on September 27, 2017. According to Radar, Hefner’s health had been “deteriorating Quickly. He also stopped eating, which [was] a safe sign of the end [was] close. ”

In May 2017, four months before his eventual death, the medical doctors had apparently declared that his death was “only a matter of time. The verdict [was that] would be a miracle if it would last more than three weeks.” 91 years old, Hefner died in 2017 of sepsis caused by an E. coli infection. He is buried in the crypt with Marilyn Monroe, on which he had declared famous: “Gasting eternity with Marilyn is a too sweet opportunity to let it pass.”

Hugh Hefner Age

Hugh Hefner is 91 years old.

Incident Detail

According to the reports, Hefner’s Close Circle had been making funeral plans long before his death in September 2017. Soon, everything was ordered, until the last detail of his final resting place: the Westwood Village Memorial Park. Hefner had already bought the crypt next to Hollywood Marilyn Monroe star for $ 75,000 in 1992. By the way, Monroe was also the first cover girl of the infamous magazine.

All arrangements had been ordered and the Playboy head was also aware of this. He had also straightened his plans and put his affairs in order months before his death, including the agreement to sell the Playboy mansion for a whopping $ 100 million. However, he was allowed to live in his last days there. The sources reveal that at 91, he was almost completely confined to his room in the mansion and could only move in a wheelchair.

In particular, Hefner’s condition worsened after his brother Keith Hefner on April 8, 2016. Losing his brother simply one day before his own birthday of his birthday made a moment on him a moment on him No agenario. “He was never right after his brother died the day before Hef’s 90th birthday,” a radar source told.

An infamous man for the objectification of women and promoting hypermasculinity, Hefner hid his cancer diagnosis because he saw him as a sign of weakness. According to The Insider, “this [was] a very proud man who spent his life by personifying the sexual skill of the red blood man. He prefers to be remembered as the virgle with millions of hot brides.”

The issue of Hefner’s death had been floated in the media several times during his life. He had suffered a stroke in 1985 but survived. Then there were a series of 911 calls between 2015 and 2017 with respect to the guests who were described as “drunks, unanswered … and unconscious.” Very recently, in October 2020, three years after his death, a woman called for emergency services that claimed that there were bodies buried in the facilities. “You would know him by his name,” she said, talking about the dead man, insisting that he was famous. “They say he was buried in the courtyard, and I think another person [was] buried with him, a 15 -year -old boy!” She added.

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