Hideki Matsuyama Net Worth 2024: How Much is Hideki Matsuyama Worth?

Hideki Matsuyama

When it comes to successful and accomplished golfers, Hideki Matsuyama is a name that resonates in the golfing world. As a Major winner, a multiple-time PGA Tour champion, and a player with a global presence, Matsuyama’s achievements are remarkable.

One question that often arises in discussions about such successful athletes is, “How much is Hideki Matsuyama worth?” In this article, we will explore Matsuyama’s net worth, considering his career accomplishments and various sources of income.

Hideki Matsuyama
Hideki Matsuyama

Hideki Matsuyama Net Worth 2024

“A specific number is hard to estimate given how global Matsuyama is as a golf star, but it is reportedly in the region of $35 million”.

Hideki Matsuyama has undoubtedly carved out a successful career in golf, marked by numerous victories and significant achievements. As a Major winner and a player who has reached the second spot in the world rankings, Matsuyama’s success is reflected not only in his skills on the course but also in his financial standing.

How Much is Hideki Matsuyama Worth?

Matsuyama’s success on the PGA Tour is evident in his career earnings, which exceed $40 million, placing him among the top earners in the sport. His eight wins on the PGA Tour include a memorable victory at the 2021 Masters Tournament, where he secured the prestigious Green Jacket and a substantial cash prize of $2,070,000.

This win, according to sports marketing expert Bob Dorfman, could have a lasting impact on Matsuyama’s financial standing: “Barring any career-ending injury or scandal, I’d say a Masters win is easily worth $600 million for Matsuyama”. but it is reportedly in the region of $35 million”.

In addition to his tournament winnings, Matsuyama benefits from lucrative sponsorships with notable companies. His equipment choices include Srixon clubs and balls, as well as Asics shoes. Matsuyama’s apparel is supplied by Descente. Beyond his golf gear, he has secured sponsorships with prestigious brands such as Lexus, NTT Data, and Nomura.

Matsuyama’s triumph at Augusta National in 2021 not only added a significant sum to his earnings but also sparked speculation about the broader impact on golf in Japan.

According to Bob Dorfman, Matsuyama’s Masters win could potentially be worth a staggering $600 million. The impact of this victory, both culturally and economically, remains to be seen, but Matsuyama’s achievement has undoubtedly left a lasting impression.


In conclusion, while the exact figure of Hideki Matsuyama’s net worth may be challenging to pinpoint, various sources suggest it is in the vicinity of $35 million. Matsuyama’s success on the PGA Tour, highlighted by his Masters win, combined with lucrative sponsorships, contributes to his overall financial standing.

As Matsuyama continues to make his mark in the golfing world, his net worth is likely to evolve, reflecting his ongoing success on and off the course. For more insights into Matsuyama’s life, you can explore details about his caddie Shota Hayafuji, and learn about his family, including his wife.

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