Hey Vsauce Michael Here, What Happened to Vsauce?

Hey Vsauce Michael Here

YouTube has been home to a plethora of content creators, and among them, Vsauce, created by Michael Stevens, has stood out as a benchmark of educational content. With its unique style, Vsauce has captivated the minds of nearly 20 million subscribers.

However, recent discussions about the future of Vsauce have left the audience in suspense.

Hey Vsauce Michael Here
Michael Stevens

Hey Vsauce Michael Here

Before delving into the uncertainties surrounding Vsauce, it’s crucial to address a question that has intrigued fans: Does Michael say “Hey Vsauce, Michael here,” or “Hey Vsauce! Michael here”? A Reddit thread and various opinions shed light on this debate. One user, pastthepixels_001, suggests, “I think it’s something more like, ‘Hey, Vsauce! Michael here”.

The nuances of this catchphrase have been a topic of discussion, emphasizing the cultural impact of Vsauce.

What Happened to Vsauce?What Happened to Vsauce?

Michael Stevens, the face behind Vsauce, has been the driving force behind the channel’s identity and success. However, recent discussions about the potential sale of the Vsauce brand have left fans puzzled. Stevens openly explored the idea of selling the channel to fund future projects, such as documentaries and movies.

In a two-year-old Reddit post, user BDLTalks hints at the uncertainty: “The intro to ‘Do Chairs Exist’ leads me to believe it’s the former…aaaaand here”. This uncertainty adds to the intrigue surrounding the fate of Vsauce.

Vsauce’s Legacy and Success

Vsauce’s success can be attributed to Michael Stevens’ unique ability to combine curiosity, humor, and insight. The channel’s content spans a wide range of topics, from unraveling the mysteries of the universe to delving into the complexities of human behavior. Vsauce has become a beloved destination for learners of all ages, entertaining and educating its vast audience.

Doubts about Vsauce’s Profitability

Despite Vsauce’s dominance in the educational content niche, Michael Stevens expressed doubts about the channel’s profitability. In a world where YouTube channels often rely on sponsorships and advertisements, Vsauce’s non-profit focus and unconventional content production style may limit its appeal to potential investors”.

In a deleted Reddit comment, a user acknowledges the uncertainty, stating, “former imo, but I could see both”. The hesitation expressed by Stevens regarding the financial sustainability of Vsauce raises questions about the future trajectory of this YouTube giant.


As fans eagerly await more clarity on the future of Vsauce, Michael Stevens’ discussions about the potential sale of the channel add an element of suspense. The battle cry of “Hey Vsauce! Michael here” echoes in the minds of millions, symbolizing the journey of a YouTube giant that has left an indelible mark on the educational content landscape.

Only time will reveal whether Vsauce continues its legacy or undergoes a transformation in pursuit of new creative endeavors.

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