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Online viewers flocked to Haryanvi dancer RC Upadhyay’s “Coco Cola Layo” video. Haryanvi dancer RC Upadhyay has a large following. As he dances on stage, a large crowd gathers to watch. His dance videos also get a lot of views on YouTube. Many Haryanvi songs are usually popular on YouTube. The dancers in the music videos for these songs captivate the audience. A popular Haryanvi song is one of them.

coca cola layo

The RC Upadhyay dance video is currently trending once again on social media. Fans are going crazy over RC Upadhyay’s amazing moves in this video. In this video, he moves to the rhythm of the song “coco cola layo”. His amazing dance moves have taken the internet by storm.

views for the video

She is quite dear. RC Upadhyay will bring you back to the stage dance of Sapna Chaudhary. RC Upadhyay has produced dance videos that are popular on social media, as has Sapna Chaudhary. RC Upadhyay thrills the audience with her bold actions. Unversed claims that people love watching videos of her. 2,968 people have viewed the video so far.