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Harry Styles and Florence Pugh  Wiki – Harry Styles and Florence Pugh  Biography

Harry Styles and Florence Pugh shared a secret kiss on the sets of their movie ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ developing “instant chemistry” weeks before the ‘One Direction’ actor began dating director Olivia Wilde. The troubled film, which stars Styles and Pugh as a married couple, has been beset by a host of problems both before and after its infamously embarrassing premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September, the Daily Mail reported. forgot to recognize Wilde in red.

She carpet after an argument believed to have started on set when the actress became uncomfortable with the fact that her director began a very public connection with Styles while the film was being filmed in Los Angeles. And the chemistry that Pugh and her on-screen husband had before he started dating Wilde is reportedly what caused her fallout.

Harry Styles and Florence Pugh Age

Harry Styles is 28 years old and Florence Pugh  is 26 years old.

Incident Detail

Speaking to The Sun, a source said: “Harry and Florence had chemistry from the start, which translated incredibly well on screen. They kissed a bit one night, all very light-hearted and a bit funny, and that was it. He was being talked about by a couple of crew members, otherwise no one would have known about it Harry was single at the time and Florence had split from Zach Braff, although she had kept the split a secret to—ironically—avoid headlines. “.

The source added: “No one cheated or misbehaved. However, later on, Harry and Olivia began to spend more time together: sneaking off for coffee, hanging out in each other’s trailers, and sharing little routine intimacies. It was clear to all of them that they had a real connection. When they were photographed holding hands for the first time, Florence was not very happy.

There was already tension between the two women and this undoubtedly stoked the flames.” The source further said, “Although the feud is one of Hollywood’s worst-kept secrets, everyone involved is professional and things are cordial now.”Florence Pugh was reportedly unhappy with Styles dating Wilde because the latter was still seeing ‘Ted Lasso’ actor Jason Sudeikis when she initially hooked up with the former One Direction member, according to a source, as reported by Page. Six.

For those who don’t know, Otis, 8, and Daisy, 5, are the children of Sudeikis and Wilde. MEAWW previously reported that Wilde, 38, previously denied there was ill will between her and Pugh, 26, but a shocking new revelation suggests otherwise, with sources saying tensions between the two actors have come to a head. in the set. “Olivia and Harry would just disappear,” a source told the Vulture.

After becoming close around the production of ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ in September 2020, the ‘Booksmart’ director and Styles, 28, began dating in January 2021. Anonymous sources close to the production claim that Pugh and Wilde had a “screaming match”. on set as a result of Wilde’s “frequent and unexplained absences.” The alleged conflict first arose in August 2022 when Wilde, in a leaked video sent to actor Shia LaBeouf, referred to Pugh as “Miss Flo.” and stated that he needed a “wake-up call” during the film’s rehearsal session.

On ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ on September 21, Wilde addressed rumors of her alleged feud, saying that she “had nothing but respect” for Pugh despite persistent claims to the contrary. She praised Pugh’s performance in the controversial film and implied that asking about the disagreement is sexist because “fellow male directors” aren’t answering the issue.

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