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A law firm that defended Ghislaine Maxwell, the former socialite convicted of helping financier Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse underage girls, is suing her for $850,000 in unpaid legal fees and accuses her brother and estranged husband of hiding his wealth. billionaire

Maxwell’s former lawyers at the law firm Haddon, Morgan & Foreman (HMF) filed a lawsuit on Monday, August 22, alleging that the former socialite gave her brother Kevin Maxwell the responsibility of paying her legal bills after she was arrested in 2020, but he paid only a fraction of what they were owed to represent her in the sex trafficking case. Kevin later urged attorneys to continue working on the appeals and blamed her estranged husband, Scott Borgerson, for hindering payments, according to the lawsuit filed in Denver.

Ghislaine Maxwell Age

Ghislaine Maxwell is 20 years old.

Incident Detail

Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of five of six counts in 2021 after the FBI filed felony charges against her for enticing minors and sex trafficking of underage girls, in connection with her association with the late pedophile Jeffery Epstein. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison and is currently serving her sentence in a prison in Tallahassee, Florida.

However, in filling her in, attorneys at the small Colorado-based firm HMF say they soon “developed concerns about Ms. Maxwell’s willingness and ability to meet her financial obligations.” In their court filing, they said: “Based on events during the first few weeks of the engagement, HMF developed concerns regarding representation, including HMF’s role in the case and Ms Maxwell’s willingness and ability to comply with their financial obligations.

The attorneys said they requested a $250,000 retainer before the trial began in 2021. Her brother promptly paid half the amount, but when the legal team emailed her regarding the outstanding amount, she ignored it. Later in 2021, she fell far behind on the actual payment and instead made a “handful of sporadic payments,” HMF says in its Denver court filing.

HMF says her brother was asked for an advance of more than $1 million during her trial in November 2021, but even that advance was not paid. Tired of Kevin’s excuses, the two attorneys threatened to end her representation on November 5. Kevin Maxwell responded to her threat by reiterating “the commitment we have made as a family to honor fees due and requested by you in good faith and as a binding commitment,” the filing states. The filing adds: “HMF, relying on Mr. Maxwell’s commitment, continued to devote all necessary resources to Ms. Maxwell’s defense.”

In addition, the firm sounded the alarm again when Kevin did not meet the payments, but promised that he would surely pay them soon. “In reality, Mr. Maxwell had no current intention to do so,” HMF writes. Lawyers revealed that at the end of her trial in December 2021, Maxwell had accumulated $950,000 in back legal fees for HMF, of which her brother paid only $143,500 to the firm and the rest has yet to be paid.

In the filing, the law firm said Kevin repeatedly told them that Ghislaine’s estranged husband, Scott Borgerson, is in control of Maxwell’s assets and is standing in the way of payment. HMF claimed that her husband has set up two companies, allegedly using his assets and bought properties in Boston, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, to hide his wealth from the company and the public eye.

HMF attorneys are also suing Borgerson for “improperly encumbering Ms. Maxwell’s assets, joint marital property, and/or assets pledged to fund her defense, thereby impairing her ability to meet legal obligations.” her”. They say he and Maxwell “shared a motive to protect those assets from creditors, including HMF. HMF is therefore entitled to a judgment for half the value of the transferred assets or half the amount necessary to satisfy its claim against Mrs. Maxwell, whichever is less,” the filing reads.

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