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It has been determined who is believed to have been driving the SUV that ploughed into a group of people waiting at a bus stop outside a migrant centre in Brownsville, Texas, on Sunday.

According to Brownsville Police Chief Felix Sauceda, the driver of the Range Rover that struck 18 individuals and killed eight of them outside the Ozanam Centre, a refuge for migrants and the destitute in the area, was George Alvarez.

George Alvarez Age

George Alvarez is 34 years old.

George Alvarez Incident Detail

Alvarez has been legally accused and arraigned on eight charges of manslaughter and ten counts of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon. According to the police, he has a lengthy criminal history. In the early stages of the investigation, he had already been charged with careless driving.

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Around 8:30 on Sunday morning, the accident happened as the victims were waiting at a city bus stop near to the centre.According to Sauceda, Alvarez ran a red light, lost control of the SUV, which rolled onto its side, and then struck the group of pedestrians. Authorities are currently looking into whether the conduct was deliberate.

Alvarez allegedly attempted to flee the scene of the collision, but other individuals restrained him, according to the police chief.Police reported that two more people died after the initial six deaths. A dozen other people were hurt and sent to nearby hospitals in a hurry.

The eight fatalities in the crash were all migrants from Venezuela, according to previous confirmation from the authorities. The victims, according to Sauceda, were men.Alvarez was granted bonds for $3.6 million. Toxicology reports will help officials establish whether Alvarez was under the influence, according to Sauceda.

For unknown reasons, Venezuelan migrants have been pouring into Brownsville during the past two weeks, according to police. Out of the 6,000 or so migrants held by Border Patrol in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley on Thursday, 4,000 were Venezuelan.

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