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Sixteen years ago, a Belgian woman slaughtered her five young children and on Tuesday, February 28, the same woman died after expressing her desire to be sacrificed. Genevieve Lhermitte, 56, murdered her five children with kitchen knives at her family home in the town of Nivelles while her father had gone to join her parents in Morocco.

She has been in prison since 2008 and was transferred to a psychiatric hospital in 2019. Lhermitte did not stop after killing her children, she even tried to kill herself, but she ended up asking for medical help when her suicide attempt came out. evil. Lhermitte, the “perfect mother,” has since divorced her husband. The news of her euthanasia comes after her lawyer, Nicolas Cohen, confirmed her death to local media.

Genevieve Lhermitte Age

Genevieve Lhermitte was 56 years old.

Genevieve Lhermitte Cause of Death

He had informed her that she had died on the sixteenth anniversary of the murders. Daily Mail reports that her funeral took place on Wednesday. She died at the Leonardo da Vinci hospital in Montigny-le-Tilleul. The murder of Yasmine, 14, Nora, 12, Myriam, 10, Mina, 7, and Mehdi, 3, had left a void in the hearts of all who learned of the children’s deaths, and Lhermitte has spent the days of her life after murder her in prison.

In her last days, it appears that Lhermitte intended to take her life and end everything. Belgian law allows the choice of euthanasia if the person is deemed to be undergoing “unbearable” psychological suffering that cannot be cured. Said person must also be aware during the decision and must also be able to request it in a reasoned and justified manner. Lhermitte is said to have done the same.

“It is this specific procedure that Mrs. Lhermitte followed, after having compiled the various medical opinions,” her lawyer had said.On the day of the murders, Lhermitte stole two kitchen knives from a local store and was preparing a family lunch. She then proceeded to lock the doors of the house and began to kill, slitting the  throats of all of her children.

When asked about the motivation behind the murder at trial, she said she felt “desperate and trapped” at home with her children. She also admitted to the murders, saying: “I gave [my husband] a son and I killed him. I have lost all my children through my own fault. They never deserved it… I will suffer until the end of my days, that is my punishment”.

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