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Gary Levin, a Lyft driver and resident of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, went missing on January 30, 2023, after picking up customers in his red Kia Stinger. Days after the disappearance, on February 3, 2023, authorities arrested a wanted fugitive, Mathew Scott Flores, who was found driving Gary Levin’s car in North Carolina.

Authorities said the missing person’s car was located in Gainesville on February 1, 2023, shortly after which police became involved in a large-scale chase through three counties that culminated in a crash near North Carolina. Police then found the suspect, Mathew Scott Flores, who had an arrest warrant for the murder of José Carlos Martínez, driving Levin’s car.

Gary Levin Age

Gary Levin is 40 years old.

Incident Detail

Flores was arrested along with her accomplice Stephanie Velgara, who was found with the fugitive in the car. Authorities, who have not yet found Gary Levin, said the suspects are in custody and are being investigated in Levin’s disappearance.

On Thursday, a fugitive was arrested in North Carolina following a police pursuit of a car belonging to missing Lyft driver Gary Levin, a Florida resident who went missing on January 30. The fugitive, identified as Matthew Scott Flores, has reportedly been wanted by police since January 24 in connection with the shooting of José Carlos Martínez.

At this time, it is unknown how Flores came into possession of Levin’s car. Authorities, who have yet to determine Flores’ involvement in Levin’s disappearance, said the suspect, considered a convicted dangerous felon, allegedly was under the influence of drugs during Levin’s arrest and was later taken to a hospital.

Wauchula Police Chief John Eason provided an update on the ongoing case to Fox News Digital, saying: Meanwhile, Gary Levin’s daughter awaits answers that will lead her to her missing father, who allegedly moved to Florida from Philadelphia several years ago after retiring. According to the New York Post, DiBetta said his father had plans to have dinner with his girlfriend shortly before she disappeared.

In a Facebook post, Levin’s daughter, Lindsay DiBetta, shared the arrest of the suspect she may have been involved in her father’s disappearance. Dibetta added that she hoped the suspect would lead her to the whereabouts of her father, who she said loved being a Lyft driver and engaging customers in conversations. While investigators continue to explore the case, Flores remains behind bars without bail. Anyone with information about the missing person is asked to contact the police.

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