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A 72-year-old Montana man is likely to spend the rest of his days in federal prison for his “extraordinarily disturbing” attempts to sexually enslave girls in West Virginia. According to a probable cause affidavit, Gary Lee Hodges called himself “Papaw,” which is usually used as a name for a grandfather, and tried to become the “patriarch” of an “incestuous family” through the use of the Internet. .

Federal authorities said that Hodges, then 71 years old and living in Bigfork, Montana, began interacting online with an undercover police officer (UCO) on December 13, 2021. Hodges had created a profile on the website ” FetLife”. and he believed he was speaking to a mother of 11 and 13 year old girls who resides in Beckley, W. Va. It didn’t take long for investigators to realize that what Hodges was looking for was “familial sexual relations,” the feds said. :

Gary Lee Hodges Age

Gary Lee Hodges is 72 years old.

Incident Detail

Similar online interactions between Hodges and the undercover cop occurred in the days that followed, including on Christmas Day. On December 22, 2021, Hodges referred to himself as “dominant” and “sensualistic” with certain “protocols.”

“I want everyone to feel pretty and sexy,” he said. The feds said the defendant sent “numerous pairs of lace panties and silk camisoles for UCO and both girls.” Three days later, Hodges began sending emails to a person who he thought was a 13-year-old girl.

“He initiated the contact by introducing himself as a man who was going to come live with them and be a sort of ‘permanent grandfather,’” the affidavit says. “He said he wanted to get to know her better and he was happy to talk about whatever she wanted and answer any questions she might have.”

The defendant, referring to himself as “Papaw” in the notes accompanying the gifts, hoped the non-existent girl would like the lingerie he sent her. She then requested the following: “I wish you wouldn’t wear a bra with him so I can enjoy seeing your figure.” .”

In early 2022, federal investigators said, Hodges said he wanted to “get in” on the girls and began talking about how he would travel to West Virginia to repeatedly commit sexual assaults: According to federal court records reviewed by Law & Crime, Hodges pleaded guilty in June 2022 to two counts of attempting to entice a minor to engage in unlawful sexual activity.

He was sentenced Friday in the Southern District of West Virginia to 27 years in prison, meaning Hodges would have to live nearly a century to see outside prison walls again. Hodges was also sentenced to 15 years of supervised release and must register as a sex offender, records show.

Federal prosecutors said the court referred to Hodges’ actions as “abhorrent.” Arrest records from Arter County in Kentucky show Hodges was booked there on December 30, 2022 following an arrest by US Marshals.

The government sentencing memorandum in the case included exhibits from the West Coast sheriff’s office dating to 2006. The feds said Hodges had a “long-term dream” of turning girls with vulnerable mothers into his “slaves.” “. personal sexual acts,” as evidenced by his earlier “sadistic” abuse in California of a 17-year-old girl. That abuse took place in the mid-2000s, the researchers said:

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