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Popular TikToker Fiona Jane Lagan died surrounded by her loved ones on Monday, March 13 at the age of 44. Lagan, a patient with throat cancer, did one last good deed before she died, donating her long blonde hair to the Little Princess. Trust.

Her heartbroken mother, Jan Laden, called her a “caring and caring soul” who always wanted to help others. She told TeessideLive: “She was like Wonder Woman. She fought and fought. Fee Fee was so full of life and an absolutely beautiful girl inside and out.”

Fiona Jane Lagan Age

Fiona Jane Lagan was 44 years old.

Fiona Jane Lagan  Cause of Death

The grief-stricken mother shared: “She was at her house with me, my husband, her brother and her family when she died. You know when you have a big birthday cake and someone hides in it and comes out and surprises you, every time she walked into a room, it was like that. She was the most considerate and caring person.”

“She wrote a wish list: we went to see Michael Bublé, we went to do the Cube in Manchester, she went to Liverpool for a weekend and came back to Blackpool, where she lived for a while. She was one of those girls, she had to be Valentino, Vivian Westwood or Gucci. She was always immaculately dressed from head to toe. She had a heart of gold,” Laden said.

The mother went on to mention that after her daughter’s death, when she went through her drawers, she found “a Mother’s Day gift, [and for] my husband a birthday card for July. Anyone who has ever met Fee Fee could never get enough of her. There have been so many flowers and cards sent to our house, from people Fee Fee has met from all over. She was that kind of girl that you just couldn’t help but love.”

Lagan’s TikTok reportedly grows to over 44k followers and was quite popular. Laden told the publication: “Even when we were in the hospital, the doctor came in and said, ‘Oh, it’s a TikTok fee.’ When we went to Chinese one night to get some food and she got out of the car and there were two girls who started screaming because it was FeeFee Jane from TikTok, she was like a Kardashian.

She would have given you the last penny of her. She is irreplaceable and will be greatly missed by all of her family.” Lagan’s family revealed that even after her death, she did not stop helping others. Her mother said: “When he asked at the funeral home if after seeing her they could cut her hair to donate it, I just broke down. She really didn’t want her to donate her hair, she has always had long hair.

“But when I sat down and thought about it, it’s her request and I wouldn’t go against it. We are so proud of her and she always wanted to help others,” before adding, “She was my best friend. Our friends and family have been such a support to us and I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for us and Fee Fee.”

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