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Evan Gershkovich, a Wall Street Journal correspondent who was detained in Russia on suspicion of espionage, is a 31-year-old American who has spent six years writing about Russia for different publications. He has written a great deal in the Journal about what happened after Russia invaded Ukraine. In chats with acquaintances, he explained that he saw his job as documenting how the war was altering Russia and that he was aware that doing his job in the face of severe censorship regulations put in place in the early stages of the campaign may be risky.

According to a tweet from his buddy, journalist Joshua Yaffa of the New Yorker, “Evan was not ignorant or naive about the hazards.” According to a tweet from his buddy, journalist Joshua Yaffa of the New Yorker, “Evan was not ignorant or naive about the hazards.” He is a fearless, dedicated, and skilled journalist who went to Russia to cover important and interesting subjects.

Evan Gershkovich Age

Evan Gershkovich is 31 years old.

Evan Gershkovich Incident Detail

Gershkovich, who speaks Russian fluently and is the son of Soviet émigrés and was raised in New Jersey, relocated to Moscow in late 2017 to work for the English-language Moscow Times newspaper and later for Agence France-Presse (AFP).

In February 2022, just as Gershkovich was leaving London to join the Journal’s Moscow office, Russia declared the beginning of its “special military operation.” He would reside in London but frequently travel to Russia to conduct reporting missions as a recognised correspondent for the Foreign Office.

He was detained this week by the Russian Federal Security Agency, the FSB, the replacement for the Soviet KGB, while on one of these journeys to the industrial city of Yekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains. Gershkovich visited Belarus early in the conflict and saw Russian military ambulances backing up at a hospital 50 kilometres (30 miles) from the Ukrainian border.

This was in response to a report that Minsk was supporting Russia’s war and that the Russian forces were suffering significant casualties.In order to provide a thorough account of what went wrong with Russia’s invasion plan, he spoke to a Russian soldier. He also contributed to an article that argued that President Vladimir Putin had created a power structure that enabled his calculation errors during the campaign because he was “isolated and mistrustful.”

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