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A Chicago woman has been arrested after police discovered she hid the body of her 96-year-old mother in a freezer behind the apartment complex where they lived. The incident took place on Monday, January 30. During a wellness check around 4:35 p.m. m. Near the 5500 block of West Melrose Street, police discovered the body of Eva Bratcher’s mother, Regina Michalski, in a freezer.

Following the discovery, Eva Bratcher, 69, was taken into custody, according to FOX32 Chicago. Investigators have been unable to confirm how long Regina Michalski had been deceased. According to neighbors, Bratcher had recently given conflicting accounts about her mother, including that she was in a nursing home in another state.

Eva Bratcher Age

Eva Bratcher is 69 years old.

Incident Detail

After Sabrina Watson, the daughter of Eva Bratcher, who lives in Kentucky, had an “intuition” that something was wrong, she reported it to the police and they were called to search the house. “I just said, I’m going to call [the police] and ask them to do a wellness check,” Watson said. “What could go wrong? Seemingly everything. My heart is broken,” she added. “I miss her so much.”

According to neighbors, Regina Michalski and Eva Bratcher shared a first-floor apartment in a two-story apartment on Melrose for years. Remarkably, Bratcher, who also went by the name Eva Michalski, was arrested nearly a dozen times between 1997 and 2005 and pleaded guilty in 2006 to felony forgery in two cases, Cook County Court records show, according to seen in the middle.

She was also convicted of misdemeanor assault for which she received probation and had previously been charged with assault, battery and retail theft. Police records show that Eva Bratcher completed her probation sentences without meeting her conditions and pleaded guilty to violating the terms of her release. She later received two two-year prison sentences, despite the fact that she had already served a considerable amount of time.

Diane Michalski, one of Regina Michalski’s granddaughters, stayed in the same apartment complex as her and Eva Bratcher. Diane Michalski said her grandmother was a Polish immigrant who spent most of her life working for Motorola. Diane Michalski told the outlet that she hadn’t seen her grandmother in 20 years.

“I remember when I was a kid, she would bring some work home and show me the little technology and all the little intricate details that she had to do for her work,” Diane Michalski said. “I mean, if you want to talk about women in STEM, she was.”

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