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Despite being accused of serious drug peddling, an old grandma says she has never used drugs in her life. She is, however, fighting deteriorating health, which is making her hostile. Yasmin McMahon, Eudoxia ‘Effie’ Pehlivanidis’ attorney, said to the Adelaide Magistrate Court on Wednesday, April 12, that her client’s dementia was getting worse and that going to court would be too stressful for her to handle.

According to the Daily Mail, she said that it was difficult to convince her to attend court. 82-year-old McMahon’s client, according to McMahon, could become “aggressive” if made to physically present in court, she said.Despite the fact that Pehlivanidis was free on bond after being charged with such high-profile offenses, Magistrate Ben Sale stated that Pehlivanidis should normally present, the prosecution’s attorney did not object to Pehlivanidis’ absence.

Eudoxia Pehlivanidis Age

Eudoxia Pehlivanidis is 82 years old.

Eudoxia Pehlivanidis Incident Detail

The prosecuting attorney remarked, “I’m not looking to do any audits.In February, armed police and detectives from South Australia’s Serious and Organized Crime department stormed Pehlivanidis’ house in Flinders Park. In connection with an inquiry into the attempted importation of 8 kg (17.6 pounds) of cocaine, Pehlivanidis and her 30-year-old grandson Kosta were detained.

Insisting that she had never used drugs, Pehlivanidis told 7News that she had no idea why the police had detained her. “Never! I never smoked or did anything else, she declared. As the case included police officers from other jurisdictions, the prosecution took six months to decide whether to file charges against Pehlivanidis and her co-defendant’s grandson, Kosta Pehlivanidis.

“The reason for a long period is that it involves a cross-agency between the NSW Police and SAPOL,” the prosecution’s attorney stated. “DNA-related evidence and results from drug tests are also likely to be present. It’s a little trickier than typical drug trading. The grandmother previously admitted to the publication that she was unaware of what was in the box that police allegedly discovered to contain drugs.

It’s just a box of sticks,” she remarked. “I’m not sure (if it was delivered by the post office’s employee or by another man)” She and Kosta are still free on bail and will return to court in October after being accused of trying to traffic a significant amount of cocaine for commercial purposes.

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