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Three years ago, YiJie Ye was on a routine delivery run in Brooklyn on her motorized scooter when she collided with another vehicle. The collision left the father of three injured and unable to work, but he was soon back on the road to help his children.

On Monday, he was hit again, although this time it was not an accident. Ye was one of nine people struck by a U-Haul driven by a man who authorities say went on a rampage for nearly an hour, ramming cyclists, motorcyclists, a police car and a pedestrian before being captured.

Erafin Yaz Age

Erafin Yaz was 44 years old.

Erafin Yaz Cause of Death

Eight people survived the attack. You did not do it. By the account of his relatives, Ye was a dedicated single father who worked day and night to support his twin sons and a daughter, all of whom were teenagers. He died doing a dangerous job, one of the legions of takeout workers who roam the sometimes inhospitable streets of New York City 24 hours a day.

“He is a first-generation immigrant looking for the American Dream for his children,” said Mike Chen, whose wife, Jessy, is Ye’s cousin. Ye arrived from China 18 years ago and made a living going from place to place to deliver food. When business was slow, he collected recyclable materials from city streets to supplement his income, said Chen, who owns the Brooklyn apartment building where Ye lived with his children, 2 miles (3 kilometers) from where he was struck.

It was only a few weeks ago that Ye and his family members gathered for a meal to celebrate the Lunar New Year. “He had many big plans for his children, like going to college and being able to support themselves and make great contributions to society. But right now, it all fell apart,” said Chen, whose wife organized a gofundme fundraiser to help Ye’s family.

Mayor Eric Adams called the incident a “horrible story.” “A father was raising his children, young children, and he was the one who died in this incident,” the mayor said earlier this week. Authorities arrested Weng Sor, 62, and charged him with murder in Ye’s death.

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