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According to a class action lawsuit filed by former workers in federal court in San Francisco, Twitter is being sued over Elon Musk’s proposal to lay off nearly half of its staff. The lawsuit says the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, a federal regulation that requires companies to give advance notice to employees affected by plant closings and mass layoffs, was allegedly violated by the company’s alleged practice of laying off employees without giving adequate notice. The lawsuit was first reported by Bloomberg.

The suit was filed on behalf of five Twitter employees so far, one of whom said they were fired on November 1 and three who said they were not informed at the time of filing but were blocked from accessing their accounts. E-mail accounts. The case cited layoffs at Tesla, where the company sought full release from its obligations under the Warn Act by offering a one- or two-week severance pay instead.

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Elon Musk is 51 years old.

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“Plaintiffs here are reasonably concerned that, absent court intervention, Twitter will behave in a similar manner and seek the release of terminated employees without advising them of their rights or the conduct of this case,” the filing reads. Musk plans to cut roughly 3,700 positions, or about half of Twitter’s workforce, as part of his effort to cut costs in the business he just paid $44 billion for last week. According to the Daily Mail, in a memo distributed Thursday night, November 2, the company advised employees to wait for termination letters.

He indicated that all employees will be notified by email on Friday at 9 am PT if they still have a position with the company. On Friday morning, November 3, Twitter experienced an outage due to several users reporting that they were unable to access the social networking site on their devices. According to Down Detector, a website that monitors internet outages, Twitter’s problems began to appear early on Friday and worsened around 2:30 a.m.

At the end of 2021, Twitter had approximately 7,500 employees worldwide. In order to “help safeguard the security of each employee, as well as Twitter’s systems and customer data,” the company announced that its offices will be temporarily closed and all access to staff credentials will be suspended. Employees further said they had been abruptly closed. denied access to his email and other communication tools, such as Slack.

They claimed that the computers were remotely disconnected and their data wiped. “Looks like I’m unemployed,” tweeted Simon Balmain, whose Twitter bio identified him as a former senior community manager for the organization. He further added, “I just remotely logged out of my work laptop and got kicked off Slack. #OneTeam forever. Loved you all so much. So sad it had to end this way.”

“Don’t cry because it’s over,” wrote another collaborator named Miryam. She wrote the tweet with a photo of herself smiling in front of a huge blue Twitter bird that was hanging on a wall in the workplace. Another employee, Karen Zapata, posted a photo of her locked laptop screen on social media. She wrote, “This gray screen could have been a meeting,” implying that she was terribly dissatisfied with how impersonal the firing was.

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