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According to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, Persons knew the survivor before the incident and made plans with her on the day of the attack. As per Fox News, he had planned to meet her at Semmes, which is 20 miles away from the Mobile County Sheriff Office.As per the police, The survivor was waiting in her car when a masked man broke and entered.

He was wearing a hoodie and a bandana to cover his face. Persons then proceeded to rape the woman at gunpoint. According to the outlet, his other acts against the survivor were so “unspeakable” that it led to the charge of sexual torture. The survivor had called the sheriff’s office to report the crimes against her and when she did so, Persons was viewed as a person of interest initially.

Elijah Persons Age

Elijah Persons is 57 years old.

Incident Detail

Later, he became the only suspect after an interrogation and confiscation of his phone. Cops also ran a digital forensic analysis. When the authorities came to arrest him at his job on Friday, October 14, he flew the coop on foot. After chasing him for a while, he was finally handcuffed.The charges against Persons are first degree sodomy, first degree rape, first degree robbery and sexual abuse.

He has also been charged with attempting to elude and resisting arrest. Because of that attempt to run away, the officers have decided to let the judge know that Persons was a flight risk and that his punishment must be quickly administered. The hearing is set to take place on the morning of October 17.

“These are very serious charges, especially of a sexual nature,” MCSO Lt Mark Bailey said, acording to Fox News. “We’ll be asking – the DA’s Office is the ultimate entity that will request a bond amount, if any – but we will be asking for the highest bond amount possible.”

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