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E. Jean Carroll and Donald Trump Wiki – E. Jean Carroll and Donald Trump Biography

On Monday, during closing arguments, E. Jean Carroll’s counsel criticised Donald Trump for skipping his own civil rape trial, one day after the deadline for the former president’s testimony officially expired. Carroll’s attorney Roberta Kaplan informed the jury that Carroll “didn’t even bother to show up in person.” According to Kaplan, her own client gave three days of visceral evidence that was “credible,” “consistent,” and “powerful,” and Carroll’s legal team brought eleven more witnesses to back up her claim.

All of them, the attorney pointed out, supported Carroll’s claims that Trump had sexually attacked her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the middle of the 1990s, most likely in the spring of 1996.Kaplan pointed out that Trump, not even himself, called any witnesses in comparison. Carroll’s legal team provided Trump’s videotaped deposition testimony because, according to Kaplan, “Donald Trump here is a witness against himself.”

E. Jean Carroll and Donald Trump Age

E. Jean Carroll is 79 years old and Donald Trump is 76 years old.

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E. Jean Carroll and Donald Trump Incident Detail

The lawyer asserted that there was “good reason for that.” “Donald Trump knows what he did,” Kaplan continued.Highlights from that deposition were shown to the jury by Kaplan, beginning with Trump mistaking a picture of Carroll for one of his ex-wife Marla Maples. Trump only acknowledged his gaffe until Alina Habba, his attorney, pointed it out to him.

When Trump realised his mistake, Kaplan said, “He made up an excuse”—specifically, that the image was allegedly “blurry.” Trump, Carroll, and their then-spouses John Johnson and Ivana Trump were all visible in the picture.When Kaplan showed the jury that image, he pointed out that it wasn’t fuzzy. The lawyer pointed out that given Trump’s initial response to Carroll’s rape charges, the error was more important.

“Mr. Trump pointed to Ms. Carroll, the woman he supposedly said was not his ‘type,'” Kaplan observed. Initially responding to Carroll’s allegations, Trump responded, “She’s not my type.” She highlighted additional passages from Trump’s deposition that, in her opinion, aided the plaintiff’s case. In one of them, Trump doubled down on his comments from the infamous “Access Hollywood” video, making a remarkable about-face from when he first dismissed them as “locker room talk.”

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The jury might discover the former president’s “modus operandi” with Carroll and other women in Trump’s remarks to Billy Bush, according to Kaplan. Kaplan remarked, “He grabbed her by the p—-, or vagina,” before saying, “I’m sorry for my language.”In the past, such has been the case with stars, according to Trump. True that they have the ability to grab women by the p—-? Kaplan enquired.

“Well, that’s what — I guess that has basically been true over the last million years. Fortunately or sadly, not always true,” Trump retorted. The final three words of the statement caught Kaplan’s attention. “Who would describe a sexual assault with the word ‘fortunately’?” It was her.On the other side of the ledger, according to Kaplan, is Trump’s assertion that each additional witness is perpetrating a complex “hoax” and “lie.”

Invoking Trump’s rejection of a post-2020 election, Kaplan called this defence the “Big Lie.” This defence, according to her, urges the jury to accept that Carroll and her friends Lisa Birnbach and Carol Martin made up a story and lied to advance the accusations for political purposes. Kaplan said, “I’m sorry. “Seriously? That is really absurd.

In their testimony, Birnbach and Martin stated that Carroll had immediately informed them that Trump had “attacked” her. Following Carroll’s explanation of the specifics, Birnbach informed the jury that she replied to the “Ask E. Jean” columnist, “He raped you.” Kaplan pointed out that Birnbach and Martin both had independent texts confirming what Carroll told them in 1996.

Each of these messages was sent in 2019, the year Carroll made her first public appearance in an excerpt from her book “What Do We Need Men For?” that appeared in New York Magazine. In one text conversation, Martin expressed unguarded and harsh opinions about Carroll’s choice to go to court, calling her buddy “in too deep” and dazzled by the “adulation” she was receiving.

The same line of events, though, included Martin making reference to a “simple chat with a friend 25 years ago,” Kaplan wrote. Martin claimed that Carroll’s account of what transpired with Trump was the one that was intended by the phrase. Carroll received the following correspondence from Birnbach: “It wasn’t political in 1996 when you told me. It was personal.

Kaplan emphasised that these messages were unapologetically direct. She claimed, “Carol Martin and Lisa Birnbach never expected these private texts to see the light of day.” Kaplan stated that in order to rule in favour of the defence, “You have to conclude that Donald Trump, the nonstop liar, is the only person in the room telling the truth.”

She continued by saying that the jury would also have to reject one of Trump’s assertions, that he grabs women “by the p—-.”At noon, Trump’s legal counsel Joe Tacopina is anticipated to make the case that Carroll failed to satisfy both burdens of proof.

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