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Next month, Duane Owen, a Florida resident found guilty of raping and killing two women—one aged 38 and the other 14, in separate crimes in 1984—will be put to death by lethal injection. Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the death warrant last week and set the execution date for June, despite repeated requests from the offender to have his death sentence overturned.

According to reports, the 62-year-old man will be put to death on June 15 at 6:00 p.m. inside Florida State Prison. After serving a 40-year sentence in a Raiford prison cell, Owen was sentenced. He was detained the same year he committed the crimes, and in 1986, he was found guilty of both killings. The execution of Owen by lethal injection will be the fourth planned in Florida this year.

Duane Owen Age

Duane Owen is 62 years old.

Duane Owen Incident Detail

Florida native Owen, is a rapist and murderer. He was detained in Boca Raton in 1984 for a robbery and later found guilty of killing Karen Slattery, 14, and sexually assaulting Georgianna Worden, then 38. Following his arrest, Owen admitted to both offences. According to court records, he was accused of first-degree murder, sexual assault with a deadly weapon, and trespassing with an armed and dangerous weapon.

In March 1986, a jury found him guilty of first-degree murder on both counts, and they recommended that he be executed. A Florida Supreme Court upheld the convictions in January 1992 and ruled that Owen should receive the death penalty. According to the Associated Press, Owen was also accused of attacking two other women at his house, but both of them lived.

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State and federal judges rejected his petitions and writs of habeas corpus between September 2000 and May 2009, according to the Law and Crime Network. On May 9, 2023, Governor DeSantis added Owen’s death sentence to the Florida State jail Warden after he had served 40 years in a Raiford jail. He declared that Owen will be put to death by lethal injection on June 15 at approximately 6:00 p.m.

On March 24, 1984, at around 6:30 p.m., Slattery, then 14 years old, was left alone to look after the Helms’ two young children. According to the Law and Crime network, the adolescent enjoyed to do her friends’ hair, was an avid scuba diver in school, and had just had her braces taken off. The Helmses arrived home a little after midnight to find a puddle of blood in the living room and a hammer nearby.

The patriarch of the Helm family instructed his wife to visit a neighbor’s home and dial 911. A little while later, he noticed a bloody trail leading to the main bedroom. Investigators discovered Slattery dead in his bedroom while his two kids were soundly asleep. He reportedly died from 18 stab wounds, and reports claim that her top and knickers were pulled up to her shoulders.

According to reports, the adolescent was sexually molested before she died, and her lung collapsed while she fought for her life. Worden, 38, was viciously beaten and killed inside her Boca Raton home while her two children slept inside, five days after Slattery’s murder. The following morning, as they were getting ready for school, her kids discovered her dead.

Worden was sexually molested and beaten to death with a hammer, according to the authorities. For a Boca Raton robbery that was reported the same day as Worden’s murder, Owen was detained in May 1984. Investigators thought Owen was probably to blame for both the robbery and the murder of Worden in Boca Raton because of how closely the crimes were related.

Prosecutors testified during the trial that despite Slattery’s stabbing and Worden’s beating to death, detectives discovered that the other details of the killings were almost identical. Authorities established that a shoe print left at the residence where Slattery was slain matched one from Owen after they had taken Owen into custody. Later, he admitted to both the killings and the assault.

The accused could be heard confessing to police about killing Slattery in an audio transcript played during Owen’s murder trial. He claimed that when he broke into the Helms residence earlier that evening through the bedroom window, he observed Slattery braiding the girls’ hair. Before attacking her once more, he made the decision to go have a few drinks at a nearby bar.

Nearly two hours after the initial search of him, according to Owen, he jumped back into the master bedroom through the window at 11:00 p.m.Before closing the girl’s bedroom door and peering through the master bedroom door, he first grabbed a pair of women’s gloves from the room and got a hammer from the closet. Slattery soon noticed Owen and rushed over to the phone after spotting him watching TV in the living room.

After that, the man charged the teen and started stabbing her. Then, Owen admitted, “I just took her to the bedroom, drugged her, with her head thrown back, and I just closed the door.” He confessed, “I just raped her.” He was given a death sentence in March 1986, and his execution is set for the following month. Facebook people responded to the update on Owen’s execution. ”

That is excellent news. The Slattrey family deserves this justice, so may God bless them, one person wrote. As much as it pains me for the Slattery family, I must say. Another person remarked, “Hopefully there will be some tiny aspect where they feel that justice has been served. “This POS killed Karen Slattery when I was 18 years old, and now I’m becoming 60. Way past due.

You’d think these pests were an endangered species given the way the legislation protects them, a third person observed. Burn in hell, pos., was all that one uttered, while another added: “My heart breaks for Carol and the entire Slattery family. My thoughts and prayers go out to Carol and everyone who had the good fortune to meet and know Karen. For 39 years, this POS has subsisted off of taxpayer money.I’m not sure how I actually feel about him; he deserves to pass away slowly and in agony!

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