Donnell Rawlings Premieres ‘A New Day’ on Netflix

Donnell Rawlings Premieres A New Day On Netflix

Donnell Rawlings, renowned for his comedic genius and memorable roles such as Ashy Larry on “Chappelle’s Show,” is set to premiere his latest comedy special, “A New Day,” exclusively on Netflix. This highly anticipated stand-up special promises laughter, wit, and insightful commentary on a range of topics, making it a must-watch for comedy enthusiasts worldwide.

Donnell Rawlings Premieres A New Day On Netflix
Donnell Rawlings Premieres A New Day On Netflix

Donnell Rawlings Premieres ‘A New Day’ on Netflix

Donnell Rawlings’ hilarious comedy special, “A New Day,” debuts on February 27th. Only on Netflix. This marks Rawlings’ first solo stand-up comedy special for the streaming giant, eagerly awaited by fans and comedy enthusiasts alike.

Directed by Emmy and Grammy award winner Stan Lathan, the special promises to deliver rib-tickling moments captured during the New York Comedy Festival at the iconic Hard Rock Hotel in New York City.

“It’s a new day, and Donnell Rawlings is feeling good. Dressed in a blue suit, red socks, and lotioned ankles, he’s here to discuss toxic relationships, traveling to New Zealand, aging, co-parenting, and much more,” reads the special’s synopsis. Rawlings’ comedic genius shines through as he tackles a range of topics with his unique perspective and infectious energy.

Rawlings’ journey in the world of comedy has been remarkable. Best known for his portrayal of “Ashy Larry” on “Chappelle’s Show,” Rawlings has carved a niche for himself in the comedy landscape. His versatility extends beyond sketch comedy, with notable roles in HBO’s “The Wire” as Damien “Day-Day” Price and his voice work in Pixar’s animated hit film “Soul” as Dez.

After two decades of entertaining audiences as “Ashy Larry,” Rawlings asserts that he’s gone from “ashy to classy.” His evolution as a comedian is reflected in his polished performances, evident in his tailored suits and sharp wit. Rawlings continues to captivate audiences with his dynamic stage presence and insightful humor.

Home Team: A Platform for Comedy Excellence

The Rawlings special is part of the “Home Team” series, a platform where comedians handpicked by Dave Chappelle showcase their comedic prowess. Chappelle’s support and mentorship have been instrumental in bringing Rawlings’ comedic brilliance to the forefront.

Beyond his role as “Ashy Larry,” Rawlings has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. From his acclaimed performance on HBO’s “The Wire” to his role in Pixar’s hit film “Soul,” Rawlings’ versatility as an actor and comedian knows no bounds.

Rawlings’ contributions to comedy have not gone unnoticed. He was honored with the Redd Foxx Award at The African-American Humor Awards in 2021, solidifying his status as a comedic trailblazer.

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