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An elderly Florida woman, her son and four grandchildren say they were nearly hit by a police van that drove into their front yard and are still reeling from the incident. Children were apparently waiting outside for the school bus when a Coral Springs police cruiser sped through a residential neighborhood in Sunrise, Florida, Wednesday morning.

Surveillance footage from a home shows a car being pulled over quickly by a school bus that is out of frame. The police car then drives into a crowded front yard to avoid the stopped car. Donna Banner, her teenage son, and her four grandchildren were apparently narrowly hit.

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Donna Banner is 73 years old.

Incident Detail

“I grabbed the kids because I was so shocked,” Banner said as reported by WCAX. “And it’s like the police officer isn’t paying attention.” Banner’s screams can be heard in the footage and the bus driver can be heard honking his horn as a warning. “I almost got hit. One of the children involved in the incident, Za’Kayla Ford, said: “I froze, but then I realized I had to jump out of the way.

Denise Ford, the children’s mother, was not present when it happened. However, she claims that the dangerous circumstance astounded her, particularly in light of the family’s claim that the officer simply walked away from her without stopping. “I was in shock. I thought, ‘Oh my God.’ Anything could have happened. I could have lost four of my children,” Denise Ford said. ”

What if you had hit my kids? You didn’t stop to say, ‘Hey, are they okay?’ I was traumatized. I was like, ‘Lord have mercy.’ What if?” She claims that her children are still in shock and that her 11-year-old son has not been to school since the incident because he has neck and leg discomfort. In a statement, Coral Springs Police Chief Bradley McKeone announced that the officer operating the car had been identified and received “formal discipline.

” The family says they are grateful the children were not seriously injured and that the incident was caught on film, though they are hopeful the officer faces greater punishment. “Without the video, nothing would have been done. It would have been my word against the word of the police,” said Denise Ford. Since Sunrise Police were not notified of the incident, no penalties or violations are anticipated in the city. It is unclear if Coral Springs will press charges, as reported by WCAX.

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