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Mike Beatty, who was known as DJ Batman, died, and many individuals began to recall this legend of Ocean City nightlife. Mike Beatty, who was otherwise called DJ Batman, said that he lived in Ocean City constantly. As he died today, many individuals from the town came to offer their appreciation.

What Befell Mike Beatty, otherwise known as DJ Batman? Mike Beatty, otherwise known as DJ Batman, has died. His better half, Cindy, and numerous others have sent sympathies to his loved ones. He had been fulfilling individuals in Ocean City for a long time.

His demise has made many individuals miserable and broken their hearts. He was likewise an entertainer who was known for the 2014 film Ping Pong Summer. He likewise used to be a Host at American Forces Radio Network – Ching Chuan Kang Air Base, Taichung.

He was likewise a host at DJ Batman’s “Hair of the Dog Shoe” on Ocean 98. He generally said he was an extended get-away and living it up in Ocean City.

During a meeting, he said that the town remains something very similar, yet society changes. He said that when he initially came here around a long time back, there was nothing north of 40th Street, and that a portion of the spots he used to hang out had changed.

He was a cheerful individual who made a many individuals in Ocean City snicker, love, and have a great time.

Individuals Share An Obituary For DJ Batman From Ocean City, MD? A demise notice for DJ Batman from Ocean City, Maryland, is circumventing the web. The ocean side retreat where he filled in as a minister educated everybody regarding his demise.

The assertion was a recognition for him for all he’s finished for individuals of Ocean City throughout the course of recent years. He’s kept them engaged for over forty years with his cash and shows.

He was otherwise called the Night Time Mayor of Ocean City since he was many times seen facilitating exceptional occasions, cutting strips at night, and acting in many bars and dance club toward the night’s end.

What Is DJ Batman Death Cause? Malignant growth is supposed to be the justification for why DJ Batman died in Facebook posts. Despite the fact that it wasn’t clear what sort of malignant growth it was, the post said that he died after a fearless battle against it.

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