Did StaleKracker Get Fired? Why Did Stalekracker Get Fired?


In a surprising turn of events, the popular Louisiana state trooper known as “Stalekracker,” whose real name is Justin Chiasson, has recently faced termination from his position with the Louisiana State Police.

This shocking development comes amid an investigation into allegations that he fled the scene of a boating crash while off duty. In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding Stalekracker’s firing, exploring the reasons behind this unexpected turn of events.


Did Stalekracker Get Fired?

On January 6, 2023, the Louisiana State Police officially terminated Justin Chiasson from his position. The termination was based on violations of the Louisiana State Police’s code of conduct. The charges against Chiasson included “conduct unbecoming of an officer and making false statements.”

These serious allegations highlight the severity of the accusations against Stalekracker, leading to decisive action from the law enforcement agency.

Stalekracker’s Dual Identity

“While widely known for his entertaining Cajun Two Step seasoning sales on social media, Stalekracker’s real identity is Justin Chiasson,” reports WBRZ.com. This revelation sheds light on Chiasson’s dual life, where he not only entertained the online community but also served as a Louisiana State Trooper.

The clash between his public persona and his responsibilities as a law enforcement officer has undoubtedly contributed to the controversy surrounding his termination.

Why Did Stalekracker Get Fired?

The controversy began in July of 2022 when Justin Chiasson, operating under his online persona Stalekracker, found himself entangled in a boating crash while off duty. Reports indicate that Chiasson, a passenger on the boat, and the driver fled the scene without reporting the incident.

The collision involved their boat and another, and the aftermath was left unreported. This incident raised questions about Chiasson’s responsibility and adherence to ethical conduct, especially considering his role as a law enforcement officer.

The news of Stalekracker’s termination has reverberated through social media platforms, with fans expressing shock and disappointment. The online community, where Stalekracker had a significant presence, is now buzzing with speculation and discussions about the implications of his termination.

The controversy has sparked debates on the responsibilities of public figures, especially those with law enforcement roles, in maintaining ethical conduct both online and offline.

Insights from External Sources

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the situation, we turn to external sources. According to sources, Chiasson’s termination was a result of the ongoing investigation into the hit-and-run incident. The report emphasizes the gravity of the charges and the impact they had on the decision to terminate his employment.

Furthermore, provides additional insights into the circumstances surrounding Stalekracker’s termination. The article underscores the viral nature of the Louisiana TikTok star and how his popularity did not shield him from the consequences of his actions.


The termination of Stalekracker, or Justin Chiasson, from the Louisiana State Police raises important questions about the responsibilities of public figures, especially those with law enforcement roles. The serious allegations of conduct unbecoming of an officer and making false statements have undoubtedly tarnished his reputation.

As the online community processes this shocking revelation, it serves as a reminder that public figures are not exempt from accountability, and their actions both online and offline carry significant consequences.

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