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A 24-year-old California sheriff has turned himself in to authorities after fatally shooting a married couple in their home on Wednesday, September 7. According to Dublin Police Chief Garrett Holmes, his department received a 911 call around 12:45 a.m. a couple had been shot by an armed intruder who broke into their home in the 3100 block of Colebrook Lane. The victims, a 42-year-old woman and a 58-year-old man, died at the scene.

Witnesses named the gunman Devin Williams Jr, an officer with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, and said he fled the scene in his car, BuzzFeedNews reported. This information prompted a statewide search for the officer that lasted hours. Holmes claimed that Williams called police and said he wanted to turn himself in.

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Devin Williams Jr is 24 years old.

Incidet Detail

The California Highway Patrol arrested Williams near Coalinga, about 160 miles south of Dublin, according to the police chief, who spoke with Williams by phone for 45 minutes. “It is a great loss for our community, and it is even more disheartening to find out that one of our own was the trigger for this tragic incident,” Holmes said during the news conference. Authorities believe Williams knew the couple, according to Lt. Ray Kelly of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, but the nature of their relationship is still being investigated.

“We think we’ll get the full picture and at some point we’ll find a motive,” Kelly told reporters. “This was not a random crime.” Kelly called the incident “a strange chain of events that happened,” adding that the sheriff’s office was not aware of any issues with Williams. The latter began working for Alameda County exactly one year ago. “This is not something we deal with, this is not what this is about,” Kelly said, adding, “We had no idea this could happen.”

Kelly said that Williams grew up in a well-to-do home and that he was “really a remarkable young person” who graduated from college with honors. He had previously worked as an officer with the Stockton Police Department, but was fired after he failed probation due to problems with “his abilities and his abilities” rather than difficulties with his conduct. him, according to Kelly. Williams worked for the Stockton police from January 2020 to January 2021, a spokeswoman told the portal.

The Alameda Sheriff’s Office recruited him after conducting a “full and thorough” background check and psychiatric examination; they found nothing worrisome. His record was immaculate,” Kelly said. But sometime in the past few months, “significant events” must have occurred in his life that his supervisors were unaware of, Kelly said. Williams called on the officials to surrender, and the official noted that Williams was obviously “disturbed” and in crisis.

Authorities believe Williams arrived at the home while the victims were sleeping. A young man and two other family members were present when the shooting occurred. To determine if there was a romantic bond, a business relationship or some other type of connection with the couple, Kelly said they are looking at “every angle.” She confirmed that Williams, a black man, is not related to the two Asian victims. “There was a relationship that was formed recently in the last year and we’re looking into what it is,” Kelly said. “What it was, I don’t know and I think we’ll get an answer.”

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