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Destiny Benedict, a mother of two, fought tirelessly to have the disgusting photos of her daughter removed from the Isanyoneup site. Tracker Moore, a felon with a criminal record, ran the site.

Fate is a featured camera model in Netflix’s new narrative series, “The Most Hated Man on the Internet.”

On July 27, 2022, a restricted series of three sections circulated. It recounts the narrative of Hunter Moore, who established the “retribution porn” site “Would Anyone Say Someone’s Up?”

An enemy of the stalker lobbyist eventually bought the site and guided him to an anti-torment page.

Their site allowed users to upload uncovered images of women when it was originally published in 2010. Certain people would attempt to incorporate victims’ names and online entertainment identifiers. Certain individuals also transferred photos of their former accomplices.

After having to deal with hacking sanctions, Moore was committed to a correctional facility and currently lives in Miami, Florida.

Fate Benedict Age Wiki: How old is the camera girl? Fate Benedict, currently 29 years old, first went public in 2012 when she was still a child.

Unexpectedly, he acquired a terrible reputation after appearing in some hostile images on the Isanyoneup site.

According to online reports, she was 19 years old when she met Moore, and his reputation and presence prompted her and many others to yearn for his endorsement.

She chose to seek a vocation in webcam work after a colleague’s proposal to be more free and leave her mother’s house.

She began to produce money for herself and her children. In any case, things got complicated when she uploaded pictures of herself in her clothes to IsAnyoneUp to raise her profile and draw attention to her showcase work.

Additionally, Netflix’s narrative reveals that Destiny was on a webcam for certain friends one night when she was asked to engage in a close sexual act. She agreed when she was asked to engage in a confidential sex act, which occurred in screenshots shared on IsAnyoneUp.

Today, Benedict produces adult content that is shared on the web. She also involves Twitter. Also, she currently goes by the nickname “Destiny Brat”.

He started getting involved on Twitter in 2017 and as of today, he has 1327 devotees. Furthermore, she is also dynamic on her Instagram.

Where could Destiny Benedict be today? Fate Benedict, a web-based adult content creator, was born in Sacramento, California, and currently lives in a similar district. Plus, she’s also a beloved creature who recently lost one feline and hugged another.

Web-based entertainment publications recommend that Destiny has reestablished contact with her children. She also has supporting projects and uses online entertainment to promote different clothing brands.

Also, Destiny is supposed to become world famous after her work on the Netflix series.

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