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A guy from Ohio who attempted to hire a hitman to kill his adult son but accidentally dialled a dumpster company in an apparent intoxicated effort has been sentenced to more than a year in prison. Desmen Ramsey, 58, admitted guilt to charges of aggravated assault in connection with calls he made to Budget Dumpster Company in October and was sentenced to 18 months in prison, according to Cleveland.com.

Evidently, Ramsey mistook his friend’s name for “Jesse.” Tommy was his name, and he left three messages. In one of three voicemails left on October 13, 2022, Ramsey reportedly claimed, “It’s a five grand hit on him. “I couldn’t care less where he is, what he’s up to, or who he’s with. Murder that b—-. The second message from Ramsey was empty.

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Desmen Ramsey is 58 years old.

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It’s work, I say. On a third voicemail, where he allegedly added, “This ain’t bulls—, please call me back,” “ASAP.” The voicemails were found by Budget Dumpster staff the following morning, according to Cleveland.com. Ramsey’s name and phone number were displayed on the caller ID information.

The maximum penalty was given for the aggravated assault allegation by Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge David Matia, who read transcripts of the texts aloud in court, according to the source. Ramsey had initially faced two counts of complicity, each of which might have resulted in a life sentence.

According to the prosecution, Ramsey thought he was calling a friend who belonged to a motorbike club. The companion reportedly informed investigators that he wouldn’t have carried out the murder for hire scheme and denied knowing about it.

Local CBS affiliate WOIO said that Ramsey admitted to police that he had recently gotten into a fight with his son and had called them after drinking. Ramsey allegedly said, “That shouldn’t have occurred.” I’ll admit that I wasn’t a good father. I would never harm my kids. Before I allowed anything to happen to my children, I would die.

He also reportedly said, “That’s my baby son,” informing Matias that he didn’t think the plan would ever be carried through, according to the Cleveland.com source. Ramsey’s son did not assist in the prosecution of his father, according to the local Fox affiliate WJW.

The vice president of Budget Dumpster called Cleveland police first, but they were “less than helpful,” according to Matias, who noted this during the sentencing hearing while allegedly reading from a pre-sentence investigation report.

The FBI was to be contacted, but the judge claimed that the FBI was “also less than helpful.”After some time, the business in Westlake, Ohio—about 15 miles west of Cleveland—turned to the police. Following the hearing, officials escorted Ramsey out of the courtroom in handcuffs as he began crying, according to the Cleveland.com article. Ramsey reportedly used a cane and had trouble walking.

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