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The dead bodies of Derrick Thompson, 19, and his sweetheart, Alivia Welch, 18, were seen inside a Sodokis Roadhouse. According to the reports of police, a property manager has been blamed for two counts of homicide after a stalemate in Biddeford.

That episode left two teens dead and the mother of one of the youngsters in the clinic with a gunfire injury Derrick Thompson Maine And Girlfriend Alivia Welch Shooting A man killed two young people, Derrick Thompson Maine and Alivia Welch, inside their condo while having a contention with them about late lease, snow scooping, and stopping.

Derrick Thompson Age

Derrick Thompson is 28 years old.

Derrick Thompson Family – Derrick Thompson Fast Facts

As per Holmquist, Thompson’s mom, Susan Johnson, was likewise gunned down and taken to Maine Medical Center in Portland, where she is protected. Biddeford police at first got a call to 17A Sodokis Road at around 6 p.m. to look into a report of a conversation among Pak and Thompson.

The officials left before 7 p.m. in the wake of figuring out that no wrongdoing had been completed and Pak had made no extreme alerts, the sergeant said. Not long after three minutes, the officials were called again by Susan Johnson. She detailed that shots had been discharged.

Where Could James Pak Now be? James Pak is carrying out a daily existence punishment for the December 2012 killings of Derrick Thompson and his sweetheart, Alivia Welch. He was additionally accused of shooting Thompson’s mom, Susan Stevens.

James Pak, who possesses and dwells in the two-unit Cape Cod-style house, has been accused of two counts of homicide. He could likewise have to deal with extra penalties after the state Attorney General’s Office examines the situation. He went into the condo connected to his home and told the occupants he would kill them prior to finishing his statement.

Andrew Lemelin, who lives across the road from the Pak home, expressed that Pak was known for getting forceful with his neighbors in the area. Pak is a stone bricklayer and the landowner of Korean Yankee Landscape in Biddeford. Last year, a government judge articulated the officials not liable for Pak’s violations and excused the claim.

Derrick Thompson Wikipedia And Case Update As per Wikipedia, Derrick Thompson was 19 years of age at the hour of his passing. He was killed by his landowner, James Pak. The casualties’ moms banter that Biddeford cops didn’t do what’s needed to adapt to James Pak’s threatening messages just before the shooting as are somewhat answerable for the passings. Much data about Derrick has not been delivered at this point.

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